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Time Man
Time Man.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Clock Man
Code Name Time Man
Race Android
Gender Male
Birth Date Unrecorded
Serial Number SW012
Faction Versus
Function Time Control / DJ
Assignment Bust A Groove
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Time Warrior
Secondary Specialty Musician
Primary Time Switch
Type Energy
Secondary Time Adjustment
Type Energy
OOC Information
Game Megaman: Powered Up
Theme Song

Character Data

"There's no time like the present to do the right thing."


Originally built by Scott Wily as a personal scheduling device, Time Man (née Clock Man) found himself abandoned by his creator to the care of his grandmother, Constance. Striking out on his own almost immediately, he soon found a calling as a college DJ, then as a professional MC. Touring across Europe and Asia, his uncanny sense of timing, amazing rhythm, and energetic personality made him a hit. A chance meeting with his brother Oil Man formed a partnership and the band "Clockverk" was born. Wealthy and famous, Time Man nevertheless risked his own life to tear the Force Metal from his father's body, allowing his threat to be ended, and soon after joined the Maverick Hunters. Signing on with Light Labs after the Hunters dissolved, Time Man continues to be an errant do-gooder and a multi-platinum and sometimes controversial recording artist. Able to create solid hologram duplicates of himself and distort the flow of time, he generally uses his powers to aid in his performances, but he'll more than readily fight if he thinks the cause is just.


Chuck D Of The 23rd And A Half Century, Knowing What Time It Is (Everywhere), Having The Flava, Getting Krunk, Life Of The Party, Hi-NRG, Audio Master, Encyclopedic Music Knowledge, Athletics (Ultimate Frisbee, Hackysack), Not A Teenager From Dimension X






  • 2225-09-14: Ghost In The Machine, Part 1 - Nana investigates who defaced the Battle & Chase opening ceremonies, but finds more than she bargained for.
  • 2228-12-30: Versus Festivus - Versus celebrates the end of the year with a strange twist on Secret Santa.