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Brief Timeline - See Also Short Timeline
The Stardroid Saga
The Collapse
Brand New Sky
Fallen Gods
Zodiac Ascendancy
Zodiac Insurgency
Zodiac Alignment
Zodiac Aftermath
Ghosts of Past Days
Adventures in Time and Space
2212-2215 (1999-2002)
2216-2218 (2003-2005)
2218-2219 (2005-2006)
2219 (2006)
2219 (2006)
2220 (2007)
2220-2221 (2007-2008)
2221 (2008)
2222 (2009)
2223 (2010)
2223 (2010)
2224 (2010-2011)
2225 (2012)
2226 (2013)
2227 (2014)
Full Timeline
2212 (1999)
2213 (2000)

2214 (2001)

2215 (2002)
2216 (2003)
2217 (2004)

2218 (2005)

2219 (2006)

2220 (2007)

2221 (2008)

2221 (2008)
The Stardroids & The Balance
Judgement Day
Battle & Chase
All Good Things...
Ad Astra & Et Chloro Angelorum
Cassandra Paradox & Nigh
Cracks In The Wall
A New Pantheon
The Coup
One More Chance
What Goes Around...
...Comes Around
Births and Rebirths
Brand New Sky: Irregular Overlords
Brand New Sky: The Martian War
Brand New Sky: Able City
Brand New Sky: The Stars Are Right
Brand New Sky: Eclipse
Fallen Gods: Black and White
Fallen Gods: Reclamation
The Pledge
Maya: The Dead Rise
Maya: The City of Tomorrow
She Released All The Evils Of Mankind...
...And Only Hope Remained
Twenty Years Later
Samsara: Birth and Life
Samsara: Death and Rebirth ... Or Escape
The Flowers Of May
Ragnarok: Prelude: Hel's Children
Ragnarok: Prelude: Hel's Harvest
Ragnarok: Prelude: Brothers Bound
Ragnarok: Prelude: Hod's End
Ragnarok: Prelude: Fimbulwinter's Arrival
Ragnarok: Prelude: Jörmungandr
Ragnarok: Prelude: The Ravener Runs Free
Ragnarok: Act I: Vigrid Assembled
Ragnarok: Act I: The Flood
Ragnarok: Act I: The Harp Plays
Ragnarok: Act II: The Legions Of Jotnar
Ragnarok: Act II: Naglfar Sails
Ragnarok: Act III: The Fire Giants
Ragnarok: Act III: Surtr's Flames
Ragnarok: Act III: Loki's End
Ragnarok: Endings And Rebirths
The Fortress Falls
Battle & Chase 2221
The Fall of Seoul
The Return Of The Blue Bomber
The Rise of Able 2
Fall of the House of Epsilon
Bionic Commando
The Election of 2221
Atlantis, Arise!

2222 (2009)

2223 (2010)

2224 (2011)

2225 (2012)

2226 (2013)

2227 (2014)
Dragon Strikes Bear
The Crumbling Mavericks
Zodiac Ascendancy: Part I
Girl Power
Lashing Out
Zodiac Ascendancy: Part II
Last Gasps
The Satellite Police
Zodiac Ascendancy: Part III
Zodiac Ascendancy: Part III
Zodiac Ascendancy: Part IV
Zodiac Ascendancy: Finale
Ascendancy Of Wily
Ascendancy Of Wily
Ascendancy Of Meio
Evil Star Rising
Things In Jars
Zodiac Insurgency
Zodiac Insurgency
Requiem For The Fairy King
Zodiac Insurgency
Zodiac Insurgency
May's Bloody Flowers
Zodiac Alignment
Zodiac Alignment
Zodiac Aftermath
Zodiac Aftermath
The Weight Of Earth's Gravity
The Champions
What Are We Fighting For?
Hunter's End
Strider 4
Strider 4
The Wulin
The Maverick Conspiracy
General's Last Stand
Joe Fortress Falls
Gaia City
Ascension City
The Fall of Bastion
Ghost Trick
Showroom's End
Perfect DARK
Arise, Lemuria, Arise
Overclock Freed
Dimensional Chase
The Infinity Gauntlet
Caras Galadhon


June 18 - Opening Night IC
June 29 - Battle of Seoul. Starhaven appears in orbit and the Stardroids descend, declaring that they will judge the world and that balance must be maintained.
September 6 - A massive reptile is discovered guarding the Amazon Basin during a battle. After being fatally wounded by Sigma, it is altered and rebuilt into King Dragon.
November 28 - In an act of defiance against the Stardroids, Bass nearly kills both himself and Megaman by flying into orbit and dropping Rock. The reaction of the Stardroids is the first clue that they aren't some kind of Gods, as they are incapable of stopping Bass.
December 17 - Dr. Wily is arrested for his crimes and is to be transported to the UN for trial, but is freed by a sudden assault by his Robot Masters. Skull Fortress is destroyed, and the Robot Masters relocate to Cuba, building Robotropolis.


February 17 - A transporter 'accident' meant to kill Mega Man brings into existence an innocent Mega Man from an bright alternate past and an embittered X from a dark alternate future. Travellers from each reality soon arrive, tracking down their lost heroes.
February 19 - Starhaven, the Stardroid city, crashes into Vancouver, destroying it totally. The Stardroids pass down judgment: if the alternate-universe intruders are not sent back, they will destroy Earth before the distortions caused by the visitors destroys the universe.
March 6 - Alternate future Kaiser Sigma is destroyed and sent back to his own universe by a combined assault from the combined forces of the Mavericks, Robot Masters, Repliforce, and Maverick Hunters. Robotropolis is destroyed.
March 7 - The Robot Masters move into the Wily Star.
April 13 - Vile comes back to his senses as Vava, and surrenders himself to Repliforce for trial. Unfortunately, his old personality returns, and he ends up returning to the Mavericks.
May 22 - Dr. Wily dissappears, and King and six new Robot Masters activate, taking over the Robot Masters and kicking Bass out. Bass suffers memory loss from the battle and becomes a Maverick Hunter for a short while under the name of Forte.
May 24 - King fires the Wily Cannon aboard the Wily Star, destroying Hope, Nevada, a reploid-only city.
June 10 - King kills Requiem, the first female Robot Master, when she turns on him in order to protect Bass.
June 12 - The Robot Masters find Dr. Wily in a mental insitution. Bass comes back to his senses and kills King, who is later rebuilt by Wily.

July - The Stardroids begin more actively appearing on Earth, often picking fights for no readily apparent reason.

July 7 - Duo appears on all world media, judging the Earth guilty. Almost immediately, Terra tries to stop the Earth's destruction, but is imprisoned. A search begins for keys kept by each of the Stardroids to free Terra, the only being who can stop Sunstar. Over the next week, each of the planetary Stardroids is forced to give up their keys, though a few give them voluntarily.
July 14 - Gathered on Easter Island, the combined forces of all four groups fight Duo/Chaos, who is ultimately incapacitated by everyone's collective effort. With the keys gathered, Twila Peterson is used as a channel for the keys, releasing Terra at the cost of her own life. Sunstar and Terra are destroyed together, and Duet restores Twila to life, gathering the Stardroids to leave Earth.
September 11 - The Battle and Chase games are held, a temporary alliance holding the factions together for the time.
September 26 - The first Battle and Chase games come to a close.
September 27 - The Mavericks launch a massive assault and level the city of Berlin to show they haven't gone soft.
October 18 - Dr. Wily, masquerading as Coyote Masters, runs for Secretary-General of the UN. The Masters work undercover as 'heroes', but the plot is revealed and Kelly McLaren wins the election.
November 13 - A super-virus left over from the Chinese Revolution is intercepted while being transported for destruction. The Striders, a secretive group of ninja, are revealed to the world as both the thieves (the Red Dragons) and the heroes (the Blue Dragons) that destroy the virus.
December 3 - Sigma leads a Maverick assault that destroys the WilyStar so the Mavericks can preserve their dominance in space. The Masters retreat to an undersea base, the WilySphere.
December 28 - A mysterious 'virus' of tiny robots known as Cancers threatens the robotic life of the world. An allied coalition eventually rises up in order to preserve all robot life.


February 9 - Colonel supposedly attacks Double, starting tension between the Hunters and the Repliforce.
February 11 - A bunch of Repliforce recruits who had secretly gone Maverick strike San Angeles with missiles, prompting the Maverick Hunters (with surprise assistance from the Mavericks) to react with force.
February 12 - The world turns against Repliforce, battle rocks across the city of San Angeles for the next few days.
February 13 - The United Nations, the Maverick Hunters and the Mavericks attack Repliforce Island. Many notable Repliforcers are killed, and the Fortress II is destroyed. However, Repliforce manages to survive the assault with the intervention of the Robot Masters.
February 16 - Double murders Maverick Hunter Air Wraith and is revealed as Jello Man, and the Maverick plot to discredit Repliforce is made plain. Colonel and Zero double-team and defeat Sigma, and Repliforce is pardoned by the United Nations. Double/Jello Man is killed by Protoman.
April 4 - Visitors from alternate-universes come to Earth again, trying to stop Lady Viris and Zero Omega from taking advantage of this world.
May 15 - The Yakuza begin to experiment with new android members, the Shadow Hunters first appearing in Neo-Tokyo. Techno, their new hacker, begins playing havoc with the world's computer systems.
May 25 - Techno is defeated by his twin, Midi, in a Cyberspace battle, and the Shadow Hunters are revealed as Yakuza as they defend Techno while a retreat is made from the hacker's hidden base.
June 9 - The second Battle & Chase games are held.
July 7 - The UN unveils the Gateway Teleporter, using it to quickly assemble a new space station, Eurasia, without interference. The Mavericks, fearing their Lunar base being found, build the Enigma Cannon, a new superweapon. The Masters use the Skull Shuttle to board the station and take most of the UN Senate hostage. Repliforce fakes a surrender, then launches a surprise attack on the Masters, freeing Eurasia.
August 15 - Tron Bonne clones Dr. Wily in a plan for him to gain eternal life. Scott Wily, the clone, rebels and creates the Robot Overlords from his father's rejected plans. They go on a wild tear of chaos, but eventually trade information on the Robot Masters (including the location of the secondary fortress, Skull Citadel) to the UN in exchange for being let off the hook. Scott becomes a ward of Constance Wily, Dr. Wily's mother.
October 10 - Dr. Wily builds a giant ice ray and freezes Neo-Tokyo with it.

October - Sigma builds a 'daughter', Grace, to test if his ideals of the Maverick Cause are correct, and if an uninfected reploid would serve him. Grace is killed several days later, protecting Zero from Sigma.
October - Crash Man forces Frost Walrus to admit that he is the walrus. Coo coo cachoo.

October 14 - Repliforce launches an all-out assault on Skull Cidadel, to destroy the ice ray. After hours of hard fighting, Repliforce wins - but the Masters use the stolen Gateway system to move the Citadel to Egypt, making it look like it was destroyed.
October 31 - The Umbrella Corporation accidentally releases a virus that turns humans and reploids into zombies. Together with members of S.T.A.R.S., a strike team infiltrates Raccoon City to find the cure. General unleashes the Apocalypse Cannon on Raccoon City, and Umbrella goes into hiding.
December 4 - The UN, provoked by the Catholic Church, has a series of major debates on if robots have souls. The Irregulars took this as a chance to try and be taken as serious villians - but their attempts to kidnap UN politicans and foul the debates were stopped.


January - The Maverick Hunters move into their second base, built in the ruins of a World War III wreck named the Fort Sam Houston.
January - Unusual artifacts, supposedly of Stardroid make, appear and are sought for by many people across the world. These pendants, when brought together, bring about the destruction of El Paso, Texas, and the apparent creation of a strange energy being, who vanishes.
Winter - Robot Masters and Mavericks, in bold strikes, conquer large portions of Europe and Africa, seizing sizeable footholds on both continents. Doctor Wily sets up camp on Mount Kilamanjaro, while Sigma declares Berlin the new Maverick capital.

April 7 - Kalinka Cossack becomes a Maverick Hunter.
May 17 - June 20 - The Third Battle & Chase games begin with a massive celebration and concert by Boba Fett and the Assassin Droids, performing their hit, No Chance To Survive (Make Your Time).

Summer - Robot Masters build and officially open Wily World, an amusement park built deep into Africa, and begin to promote it as a sign of their benevolence.

July 15 - Robot Master advance from Africa into the Middle East is halted by concentrated defense by Repliforce forces. At the same time, the last footholds of non-Maverick Europe are fortified by the Repliforce as well. Repliforce moves into the Monolith, a massive base outside of London, England.

July - Gate, a Reploid researcher, claims to have invented a program to make Reploids immune to the Maverick virus. He and his creations explore the lost city of Atlantis, apparently a Stardroid ruin. His theory is eventually disproven as several of his children turn Maverick, but the rest remain to join the Repliforce and Maverick Hunters.
November - The Stardroids reappear, this time split into two factions, one fighting for, the other against, a mysterious world-devouring entity that becomes known as Nigh. Starhaven is wrecked, collapsing into rubble in Earth orbit, and many of the Stardroids are killed before the world rallies together one final time to put a stop to the mysterious menace, bringing an end to the power of the Stardroids and Nigh.

December 21 - An unusual asteroid carved by the Robot Masters to resemble the face of Bass crashes Jonestown, Guyana during a concert being staged by the fallen Stardroid Scorpio.


Winter - Interpol, the International Police organization, is granted more authority by the United Nations and put in charge of global law enforcement under the leadership of Director Abernathy. Many former UN operatives are shifted into this new organization, while some go freelance.
Winter - An asteroid strike destroys Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This, coupled with Asteroid B's crash in December, throw Earth's weather into havoc, though immediate attempts are made to limit the long-term impact of the events.
April - The Arcanum Corporation seemingly revives deceased Reploids, including King Dragon and Double, before their duplicity is revealed to the public. Regardless, these recreations of deceased Reploids serve in much the same role as their predecessors did.

May - June - The fourth annual Battle & Chase games are held. These games are not without incident, as on May 25th, a battle between General and Zero goes awry and the memorial to the original defeat of the Stardroids on Easter Island is destroyed, as well as the island itself, when the safeties on the combat simulators fail and the island is struck by General's Apocalypse Cannon.
June - In a massive strike by the Repliforce battle platform, the Fortress III, the Robot Master base on Mt. Kilamanjaro is destroyed. The Robot Master headquarters is quietly relocated to Antarctica.
July - A Maverick attack on the Repliforce in London results in the destruction of the Monolith base.
August - Tengu Man attempts to assassinate Director Abernathy of Interpol, under orders from Kalinka Cossack. Kalinka is kicked out of the Maverick Hunters and goes to work for Interpol as a condition of her punishment.
August - October - Sheena, a mysterious Strider, has a composite clone of Matic and Kain created from their DNA, creating Hien. The enigmatic mercenary, Dynamo, slaughters Matic and Kain. Hien gains existence, Yang Cipher; Mai Atsuki gains sexy sunglasses, Yin Cipher. The Striders are briefly unified under Sheena, though they soon fragment and form factions once more, the White and Black Dragons.


January - March - Scott Wily, leader of the Robot Overlords, and Epsilon, leader of the Irregulars, form the Irregular Overlords and terrorize the world for several months, coming to a head as the Overlords manage to steal Poland from the Mavericks, though they cannot hold it for long.

March 8 - Gemini Man breaks into Light Labs and lowers its defenses, leading a Robot Master assault which results in the destruction of the labs. The raw destructive power of the assault wrecks much of the Donachi District, driving the Mavericks Hunters from Neo-Tokyo.
April 12 - Sigma is destroyed in a nuclear strike by Protoman, annihilating a large swath of land in Italy and nearly atomizing the Maverick leader. Protoman is nearly killed in the assault, and is saved by the Irregular Overlord iLuz, who dies from the radiation. Following her death, the Irregulars and Overlords part ways, Scott Wily returning to live with Constance and Epsilon and his merry band vanishing to explore the Solar System.

April - Elpizo, a charismatic human, conquers Mexico City and renames it Neo Arcadia. They declare their intentions to support a human-only culture, using a new process: Human Enhancement, as well as the ruthlessness of the homeless French Foreign Legion to secure their new homeland and purge it of robotic life. Enhanced Humans quickly prove to be capable warriors, able to fight robots in single combat and win.
May - Berkana, a UN researcher, announces the discovery of a method to analyze reploid neural nets, which she termed the 'DNA Soul' This allows researchers to begin investigating the changes between normal neural nets and those infected with the Maverick Virus.
May - Alpha, a member of the Maverick Hunters, contracts the Maverick Virus and leads the Mavericks in an assault on Light Labs Minnesota. Captured by Dynamo, Foucalt, and Durandal, she is cured of the virus during a revolutionary procedure by Gate, using Berkana's DNA Soul research.

May 4 - Mega Man announces his retirement from the Maverick Hunters.
May 10 - Vile kills the Pope, leader of the Roman Catholic Church, horrifying humans worldwide by this breach of the neutrality of the Vatican. The Church relocates to South America.
May 14 - Based on his successful viral purge of Alpha, Gate cures the Maverick Virus.
May 28 - Kelly McLaren, the popular Secretary-General of the United Nations, is felled by an assassin's bullet, dying of complications some days later. Blame is initially leveled at Neo Arcadia, but it reality it was a ploy by a secretive organization called Black SHIELD to ensure that James Houseman, a UN Senator from England, would ascend to the position of Secretary-General.
May 31 - Repliforce and the Maverick Hunters assault the Maverick stronghold of Berlin, only to discover that Sigma has returned. In his new, powerful form, Sigma infects many Repliforce warriors with a new infectious strain of the Maverick Virus, later known as the Sigma Virus. Sigma nearly kills the newest Maverick Hunter, Axl.

Summer - Gate designs a new team of Reploids known as Red Alert. Using a derivative of his Dream Protocol, this new team is immune Maverick Virus and resistant to the Sigma Virus, and are assigned by Secrtary-General Houseman to infiltrate Maverick Berlin. Abandoned there by Black SHIELD, they sabotage the Mavericks and stage their own escape, eventually signing on with the Repliforce army.
June - The Sigma Virus proves more tenacious than the Maverick Virus, capable of not only infecting reploids, but cyborgs, androids, and practically anything computerized. Even the Robot Masters are not immune, and the virus wreaks havoc among their ranks, and their new base in Neo-Tokyo, built on the former grounds of Light Labs. The final casualty of the virus amongst the Robot Masters is the destruction of the E-Ring system, the process that guaranteed virtual immortality for the Masters in battle.

June 24 - Repliforce is decommissioned by Secretary-General James Houseman, citing the adoption of an army of UN Power Armors as the new defensive force for the world.
July 27 - The Fortress IV, the superfortress meant to be the main base for the Mass-Production Power Armor Corps, is destroyed during construction. In the meantime, the decommissioned Repliforce works on converting and rebuilding the crippled Fortress III into Fortress V. Berkana abandons the UN and joins Repliforce there, bringing with her Hi-Max, a powerful new reploid warrior.
July 30 - The underequipped UN Power Armor Corps are thrown into war, landing on Normandy Beach in France and attacking the Maverick defenses. Both sides are slaughtered in a battle that becomes an utter bloodbath. The UN fails to gain a foothold in Europe in what is ultimately a phyrric victory for the Mavericks.

July - Mikage Yukiato, Kumichou of the Yakuza, is assassinated. An African named Sera assumes his position in the organization.

August 26 - James Houseman destroys a large swath of South Africa with an orbital ion cannon, rendering the Maverick-controlled capital city incapable of robotic life, and threatens to use it on the entire world. Interpol loyalists attack Houseman's inner circle in Seoul. Interpol Director Abernathy is killed by Houseman, but his death is avenged by Doctor Cossack, who kills the Secretary-General on the roof of the UN Building. Meanwhile, Interpol destroys the man behind the conspiracy, Black SHIELD Director Arkady, and his followers, destroying the UN building in the process.
August 26 - In the United States, a joint strike by the Maverick Hunters and Repliforce destroys the main headquarters of Black SHIELD. The base, guarded by mass-production power armors and genetic mutations, is the base for the intelligence group's conspiracy to conquer the world with mutant soldiers and an army of reploid warriors based on their original design, Dynamo.
August 26 - Mega Man destroys the orbital weapons system and saves the world, coming out of retirement.

September - The fifth annual Battle & Chase games are held.
Autumn - The Repliforce establishes itself as an independent military force, signing contracts with many of the countries of the world. Interpol declares its independence from the UN, once more becoming the world's largest legitimate investigative agency. The United Nations, reeling from the chaos of Houseman's coup, largely dissolves, a core of mostly Asian countries forming a new UN, under the leadership of reluctant android Ambassador Chord.
Autumn - The new, independent Repliforce's first military campaign is against long Wily-held Africa. With their new flagship, the Fortress V, Repliforce systematically attacks each of the Robot Master Sphere Outposts, destroying each in turn. On November 27th, the campaign is declared over. This success is considered by many to be proof that Repliforce can stand without the United Nations.


January - February - The government of Russia collapses, the country falling into chaos. It is months before any semblance of civility returns to the country.

January 31 - An experimental Reploid prison hosted by San Angeles is attacked by Mavericks. San Angeles's finest police officer joins the Hunters.
February 26-27 - At the GTSE conference, a little-known researcher named Gaudile introduces a mysterious new power source known as Force Metal, as well as his creation, Cinnamon, a reploid designed to channel Force Metal energy into raw healing power.
February 17 - GNN interviews members of Interpol concerning Javelin Whitetail, a known Maverick sympathizer who was allowed into the organization. Public doubt about Interpol's motives begins.

Winter - Dr. Wily becomes the Emperor of Japan by mandate of the former Emperor in his will. Interpol fails to prove it was a forgery, legitimizing Wily's reign.

March 17 - Dr. Wily builds Redips, a new Force Commander, who promptly rebels and takes over the Robot Masters, forcing Wily to work with the Hunters for some time. Redips promotes Dust Man into Bass's position, and the former Force Commander moves into a frat house in Eurasia.
April 25 - Neo Arcadia seizes much of Central America, sparking a war with Repliforce, which eventually ends in the loss of the territory and an uneasy truce between the two armies.
May 1 - In a combined attack by Maverick infiltrator Shadow and the recently turned Foucalt, Mavericks attack and destroy both the hidden Hunter base Elysium and their main base at the remains of the Fort Sam Houston. The Hunters return to the original Light Labs in Minnesota, where Dr. Light unveils the Tower of Light.

June - Work begins in earnest on a Space Elevator, meant to stretch from the surface of the Earth into orbit.
June - Yakuza hacker Techno defects secretly from the organization and joins the Robot Masters. When information provided by Techno goes public, the group loses much of its former power and prestige.

June 4 - Dr. Light and Dr. Wily unveil the anti-Robot Master peacekeeping robot Gamma. Dr. Wily reveals that Redips was under his control all the time and tries to steal Gamma. Bass returns, destroying Gamma and Redips and resuming his role as Force Commander.
June 11 - Interpol agent Javelin Whitetail betrays the organization, leading to the destruction of their base at Shambala and her entry into the Mavericks as Fianait.
June 11 - In a massive siege on Maverick-held Berlin, combined allied forces charge through to the center of the city, where the Maverick Spire is toppled in a paroxysm of explosives and firepower.
June 20 - Working with the reigning scientists of the Maverick Hunters, Hunter Durandal creates a new working Buster, giving it to Alia.

June - July - Doctor Wily sends the Robot Masters on a worldwide robbery spree, stealing eclectic and unique artifacts in order to create a new team of Robot Masters, his first since King and his court.
July 3 - Skull Monument, the Robot Master structure built on the ruins of Light Labs, is destroyed. The Robot Masters remove to the Wilydrome, a new hidden base.
July 21 - Australia bans all reploids, kicking them off the continent.

August - Force Metal is discovered on the moon.

August 17 - A mysterious computer program known as Legion.DAT makes itself known to the world. Quickly becoming known as Duo.EXE, it apparently wishes to learn all there is of the world, and is the first digital life form.
August 31 - Gate goes Maverick, driven insane due to his Force Metal experiments, and unveils Lumine, a powerful new Maverick incorporating a Buster-light copy system.

September - The Irregulars return to prominence, led by Sclera in Epsilon's absence.

September 25 - An Umbrella biomonster terrorizes El Paso. The rogue company, thought dead after the Raccoon City incident, quickly allies itself with Neo Arcadia.
October 5 - Force Metal discovered in Vancouver, where Starhaven fell long ago. A city quickly springs up there, quickly becoming known as Giga City.
October 8 - The US and Canada pull out of Interpol, marking the beginning of the end for the military arm of the global government, which dissolves. Over the next few weeks, the organizations SciTech and S.T.A.R.S. take over much of Interpol's former portfolio.
November 28 - War grips Giga City for a week as multiple parties vie for dominance. While many groups gain a foothold, Giga City remains free.
December 4 - A transmission from Epsilon alerts the Irregular Overlords that their leader is still alive. They see him under attack by beings called Reavers, apparently Martian life forms. The transmission cuts off, leaving his fate in doubt.
December 8 - A ship crashes in Cuba holding the bodies of fallen members of the Irregulars, including Consonant and Mega Water S, but not Epsilon. Reavers on board attack those who explore it, but are quickly wiped out. The US government claims the wreck, and using it the various groups involved in the war learn the secrets of faster-than-light travel using Force Metal.


January 1 - Gemini Man detonates a Force Metal Bomb in San Angeles, killing millions and turning the city into a war zone. In the weeks that follow, Mavericks, Repliforce, and Neo Arcadia begin a protracted campaign to secure, conquer, or subvert the city for their own purposes.
January 6 - Scott Wily betrays the Irregular Overlords, returning to work for his father.
January 7 - Explorers from Earth make landfall on Mars, bringing with them the first dedicated exploration teams to see the planet. They quickly find that it is not uninhabited, a Robot Master holdover known as Patriarch residing there with his Robot Gentlemen, as well as an army of Reavers. Epsilon is found there, the only survivor of the Irregular Overlord expedition.
January 12 - The Space Elevator, a massive structure reaching from Kansas City to orbit, is complete.
January 16 - Iris discovers evidence of a previous civilization on Mars, destroyed by the Stardroids. Scott Wily betrays his father, joining the Robot Gentlemen.
January 26 - Aile, a surviving AI created by the Martian civilization, appears and tries to warn the Earth forces of a superweapon Patriarch is trying to uncover. Several days later, Patriarch kills Aile, using his core to try and unlock the superweapon.
February 3 - The combined forces of Earth strike out against Patriarch. However, he unseals an ancient Martian weapon known as Ra Moon, who is in turn struck down by Steel Massimo. Dr. Light activates a massive Force Metal-fueled weapon that transforms all of Mars into a green planet that will one day be habitable.

February - August - Increased turbulence in Australia is created by repeated Robot Master and Maverick attacks that continue through August. Australia's military begins to grow at a rapid rate, primarily in terms of power armor based infantry.
February 12 - Melody, a HeraCorp Reploid specializing in medicine, is kidnapped by the Robot Masters and reprogrammed into Meddy.
February 15 - Battle and Chase 2219 is held at Unity Atoll, an artificial island created and maintained by the Disney Corporation. Clockverk performs at the opening ceremonies and reveal themselves to be Robot Overlords Clock Man and Oil Man. Clockverk defies Wily in their opening song, "Vengeance", and escapes. Overnight, Clockverk's popularity skyrockets.
March 1 - Battle and Chase 2219 officially concludes.
March 3 - Tol Eressea's Force Metal reactor goes online, providing cheap and abundant power to the Reploid city. Australia begins to put political pressure on the United Nations to watch Tol Eressea more closely.
March 13 - The Irish Outrage takes place. A massive Maverick attack led by Fianait on the Irish Parliament almost eradicates the Irish government. United Nations forces move in to restore order.
March 24 - Tol Eressea's Force Metal reactor is sabotaged by the League of MEAN, and begins leaking dangerous radiation that has unusual effects on Reploids. The leak creates a political scandal that results in the city's government being changed. The city is soon renamed Able City, and appears to become a large Maverick front.
March 25 - April 1 - Scott Wily rampages across the world in an armored suit apparently powered by Force Metal. During his onslaught, most of the Robot Overlords are killed. Scott Wily is finally defeated in the newly christened Able City by a coalition force. Near the end of the battle, Clock Man seemingly sacrifices himself to remove Scott Wily's power source of "Supra Force Metal", allowing Mega Man to strike the final blow.

April - May - Increased pressure on the Pantheon military weakens it to critical levels. Their push into San Angeles leaves them weakened and allows enemy forces to repeatedly hammer the country. They gradually retreat within their own borders.

April 8 - An entity claiming to be Ra Moon attempts to destroy the world through the Internet. The world's hackers unite to fight this new threat. Duo.EXE and the hacker Gabriel sacrifice themselves to give the world's forces the means to defeat Ra Moon. During the battle, Midi apparently is briefly given a new, more powerful avatar by Duo.EXE that was able to finish Ra Moon off.
April 10 - The family of James Houseman V, son of conspirator James Houseman IV, is killed in a Maverick attack on Houseman V's property masterminded by Fianait. His home is destroyed as well, but James is rescued by Maverick Hunter and Repliforce agents.
April 22 - The WilyArk returns from Mars carrying a Nemesis-like creature and Ra Moon. The WilyArk attempts to use the Space Elevator to destroy the planet, but is destroyed by coalition forces. The Space Elevator itself is revealed to be a powerful energy cannon designed to be used in planetary defense. Ra Moon is apparently destroyed once again, as is the Nemesis creature.
April 26 - The Omnidroids, now serving Ra Moon, appear and attack Washington D.C. The Omnidroids are accompanied by the surviving Robot Gentlemen, who also serve the Martian. The Omnidroids and Gentlemen begin a campaign of terror that rages across the world.
April 29 - Ra Moon begins recruiting followers, who come to be known as Blackguards. First among them is Kirin Mathers, the Blade Dancer, an escaped Umbrella project. Many choose to serve Ra Moon for power, but are almost all eventually killed by the allied forces.
May 8 - Protoman betrays the world to join with Ra Moon, ostensibly to attempt to defeat him from within.
May 12 - Maverick General Tactical Raccoon is killed in battle against Ra Moon in Able City.
May 13 - Elegy, believed by many to be a prophet of the Stardroids, is killed by Ra Moon. The Book in his possession is apparently lost.
May 16 - Ra Moon launches a massive strike against China and gives his ultimatum to Earth.
May 18 - Hien is killed by Hiryu in a massive battle in Moscow.
May 21 - The Maverick Hunters are directly attacked by Ra Moon. Pugilation Man betrays Ra Moon to protect Roll from being killed. Roll is seriously injured in the battle by Ra Moon and falls into a coma. Mega Man begins to unify the world's forces around the Tower to make a final stand against Ra Moon, and disappears for a week to receive upgrades.
May 25 - Tora Bora, the main Blackguard fortress, falls.
June 1 - The final battle against Ra Moon takes place in Minnesota. A loud rock concert begins to weaken Ra Moon. His forces, accompanied by seemingly endless waves of Reaverbots, clash against the surviving forces of the world. At the peak of the battle, Mega Man in his Peacemaker armor appears and directly battles Ra Moon. Despite summoning Patriarch to assist him, Ra Moon is defeated by Mega Man and imprisoned by Doctor Light inside of a trap created using the remaining Stardroid pendants. The trap is entombed on Pluto, and the remaining Blackguard forces, cut off from their power supply, are defeated, though not all are destroyed.
June 6 - In a secret deal brokered by the US and Australia, Elpizo abdicates power in Mexico to a new government. Pantheon forces begin their retreat to the south. Marco "Macho" Jaggerstein becomes Mexico's new President.
June 7 - Blues is pardoned by the US government for his role in the Blackguard under a controversial ruling that, as a robot, he did not have free will to resist.
June 8 - The Islington Horror occurs. James Houseman V, in protective custody, is attacked by Maverick forces. Hunters and Repliforce operatives once again protect James, as does anti-hero Thomas Houseman. Thomas is killed by Sigma in front of James, then retreats. James begins his campaign to become Kraft.

July - Australia begins warning its citizens of an upcoming "wide scale attack" at some point in the near future.

July 16 - At the climax of the Global Science & Technology Expo, Dr. Wily unveils a device that drains color from the world. With the world stuck in seemingly permanent black and white, Wily holds color itself for ransom.
July 19 - Grandmaster Meio, who had been previously operating in the shadows in an attempt to reunify the Strider organization, attacks Lisa Faulkes at a society gala. James Houseman V does battle against Meio in his guise as "Mongoose", but is defeated. Houseman is rescued by renegade Strider Solo, and begins to receive training.
July 20 - The Sigma Virus begins to mutate more rapidly.
July 21 - Grandmaster Meio sets loose a biomonster on Eurasia that carries a virus that kills all humans without Strider DNA. The Maverick Hunters and remaining Striders turn against Meio, stopping his genocidal plot.
July 28 - Color is restored to the world as an experimental device is turned against the hidden WilyDrome, trapping Doctor Wily and all the Robot Masters in a subspace realm.

August - The Robot Masters and Mavericks intensify their campaign against Australia. A great amount of damage is done to the country, and anti-robot sentiment hardens among the Australian people.

August 4 - James Houseman V, now known as Kraft, hunts down and kills Maverick operative Fianait, formerly Javelin Whitetail, on worldwide television. Kraft is ultimately pardoned of all of the various criminal acts he committed during his quest by the King of England and is invited to join the Maverick Hunters.
August 6 - Elpizo threatens the Reploids of the world on world television, claiming they will be destroyed within a day. The threat is widely considered to be a bluff.
August 7 - August 19 - The Genocide Virus, a deadly variant of the Sigma Virus, is released by Neo Arcadia. Over the course of the next two weeks, it kills over 12 million Reploids. The main delivery vector of the Genocide Virus is Omega, a biomonster created by Dr. Weil in Zero's image. Omega rampages wildly across the world and eventually turns on his creators. The Genocide Virus mutates to effect everything technological, but is eventually cured by a coalition force of scientists including Prismatic Spider and Berkana. The cure also cures the Sigma Virus, ending the pandemic for good.
August 13 - Neo Arcadia attempts to assassinate Secretary General Chord in a gruesome attack in Seoul. Chord only barely manages to recover from the Genocide Virus infection. The images of the attack galvanize world opinion against the Pantheon terrorist movement.
August 21 - 25 - Sigma makes his last stand, rampaging across Australia. Sigma manages to kill most of the leaders of the nation before finally being put down by a joint Hunter/Repliforce assault. Sigma's core is consumed by Lumine, who takes over the Maverick movement.
August 27 - Almost a year after all Reploids were banned from Australia, acting head of state Gaus Magrevich revokes the law, claiming the emergency has ended. Civil unrest in Australia rises but is surpressed by ADF and Repliforce action.

September - The United Nations and most other nations in the world begin to focus their attention on eliminating the Pantheon insurgency. Repliforce's coffers rapidly fill as heads of state from around the world demand an end to the Neo Arcadian threat. Knowledge of the peace deal brokered earlier in the year is revealed and does harm to US President Dion Seers' domestic image.
October - Mexico faces a government corruption scandal. An investigation by the Swiss of Pantheon finances overseas helps to reveal numerous collaborators across the Mexican banking system, with profiteering apparently taking place by Mexican President Marco Jaggerstein.

October 01 - Australia elects a new Labor government without incident. Within days, the state of emergency ends, and business as usual resumes throughout the nation. Repliforce is credited with helping to keep order during the month-long interregenum.
October 02 - The Aztlan News Network (ANN) relaunches under new ownership to become Nuevo One (N1). N1 pitches itself as a regional network designed to be accessible to the average citizen.
October 18-20 - Business tycoon Harold Magrevich is apparently assassinated by Blues, but it is quickly discovered that someone was impersonating Blues at the time. Many in the world are suspicious of the alleged "framing". The next day, "maneuvers" apparently held between the US Army, Repliforce and the Hunters take place. These "maneuvers" are later shown to be part of an incident involving the Hunters abducting an Australian national from her home in Rio. The identity of the victim is kept suppressed by Official Secrets Acts in the various countries. Skillful public relations work keeps the matter from becoming a repeat of the infamous Repliforce Island affair.
October 24 - Disturbances in time, often accompanied by strange radio transmissions, begin to be observed across the Earth. These disturbances continue at irregular intervals for almost two weeks.
October 25 - In response to political pressures, President Seers demands that the Maverick Hunters leave the United States.
October 27-28 - The city of Willamette, Colorado is destroyed by a massive biological weapons attack. The incident is publically credited to Pantheon terrorism enabled by an Umbrella Corporation security breach, though details about the attack are kept tightly controlled by the American government. Journalist Frank West wins the Pulitzer Prize in 2220 in Photojournalism for his embedded coverage.
November 02 - A Ra Moon apocalypse cult attempts to retrieve their leader from his prison on Pluto. They are prevented from doing so, but the device they were attempting to use is damaged and rips a hole in time and space. Our San Angeles is removed from reality and replaced by a strange alternate future in which a copy of Mega Man known as "Copy X" rules over Neo Arcadia with Reploid Guardians assisting him.
November 08 - The Seers administration loses its majority in Congress after midterm elections, allowing Marvin Thackery to become President Pro Tempore of the Senate.
November 11 - A massive battle between Earth's armies and the alternate universe's Pantheon takes place in order to drive all of the alternate universe's inhabitants back into their own dimension. During this battle, Dr. Weil introduces the Genocide Virus into the Neo Arcadian universe, apparently dooming it to extinction. The next attempt to bring our San Angeles back results in the retrieval of a very similar San Angeles from a world where the Wilycode did not reactivate after the death of Redips. During the brief stay of this San Angeles, their Ballade -- the leader of a radical sect of the Robot Masters -- is destroyed.
November 17 - Internet superbeing NumberMan.EXE, resident of the alternate San Angeles, is destroyed before he is able to take control of our Internet.
November 20 - A third attempt to bring back our San Angeles results in Fortress Angeles, another possible future, being brought in San Angeles' place. Kaiser Sigma continues to rule over this universe, and causes a great amount of destruction during his battles with the forces of Earth.
December 01 - A massive battle takes place within Fortress Angeles, prompted by Kaiser Sigma's use of a Force Metal nuke against part of the city. Despite overwhelming odds, the forces of Earth manage to permanently destroy the Kaiser and his companion, Lady Viris. Once the forces of evil are defeated, Fortress Angeles is returned to its own universe, and our San Angeles is finally returned.
December 04 - Easter Island is sighted in its former location, fully restored. The Hero Boy statue that was formerly there was replaced by an almost identical Mega Man statue. No one can explain how this is possible. Investigation continues throughout 2220.
December 11 - Several seemingly unconnected events take place across southern Asia that appears to culminate in the brief arrest of Triad crime lord Tingzhe Huang. Huang is released from custody by early the following year on a technicality.
December 15 - Marco Jaggerstein is indicted on multiple counts of public corruption.
December 22 - Mars begins showing signs of being able to support life as we know it, doing so far more quickly than scientists are able to explain.
December 31 - Wide-scale voter fraud is revealed to have taken place in Mexico. A civil war begins there that lasts almost a month before being put down with Hunter and Repliforce help. A new leftist administration headed by anti-Pantheon resistance leader Leopoldo Fortunato comes into office early in 2220, promising reforms and to meet the needs of the people.


January - The African economy is the success story of the early part of 2220, growing by leaps and bounds due to a variety of factors related to the Robot Wars.

January 01 - Innerpeace is officially christened by Prime Minister Lara Oates shortly after midnight on New Year's Eve. The city's symbol and main landmark is the massive water collector and weather control station at its core, Paradise Fountain. The controversial Robot Wars memorial featuring the former Australian Prime Minister is also revealed.
January 01 - Gaus Magrevich is selected as the new CEO of Magrevich Industries, defying expectations of Wall Street.
January 01 - Neo Arcadia is routed from Central America in a massive battle, destroying the last of Elpizo's organized forces. Elpizo was not seen during the battle and is believed at this time to have been killed late the previous year. Alouette is taken into custody briefly by Repliforce, temporarily captured by the Red Dragon Striders for over a month, and then later liberated by Repliforce once again.
January 10 - Mavericks launch the first of many attacks this year against Innerpeace, striking at a construction site for a military base in sector C-3.
January 15 - The 2220 Battle and Chase begins. For the first time this year, another unrelated tournament runs simultaneously with it, the virtual combat-based N1 Grand Prix.
January 27 - Blues and Colonel strike at the Robot Masters in Neo Tokyo on the 20th anniversary of the original San Angeles attack. The Robot Masters retaliate, and Heat Man self-destructs in defiance of the allied forces, irradiating almost the entire Donachi district of the city. The following day, Vile and Blues also do battle in Neo Tokyo, though this time Vile is the aggressor. The attack violates the Battle and Chase truce, and harsh and publicly unpopular sanctions are leveled against the aggressors.
February 01 - Battle and Chase officially ends. The N1 Grand Prix also ends with Sewa as the victor in a controversial "final battle" against the surviving finalists and what appeared to be an automated defense system named "Daedalus".
February 05 - Texas joins the United Nations.
Feburary 07 - Marco Jaggerstein is finally captured by Repliforce after a lengthy period as a fugitive. Jaggerstein's capture is publicly credited to the cooperation of the Mexican people.
Feburary 17 - An unknown "mass hysteria" event afflicts the Earth, causing a variety of injuries and deaths due to the sudden shock. This event is a precursor to an additional period of dimensional instability. Dr. Wily claims responsibility for the incident.
March 07 - Dimensional rifts begin to open across the planet, lasting for a few days at a time before closing. The first opens in Minneapolis, then others appear at different points around the world over the next two months; Able City, Stonehenge, Unity Atoll, San Angeles, Berlin, El Paso, Neo Tokyo and Kansas City.
March 15 - "Wave sickness", an epidemic of nausea, fatigue and severe headaches, begins to cause humans and some Reploids distress around the world. The plot is hatched by the Mavericks with the intent of eventually destroying the human race, and is ultimately foiled by Repliforce and Hunter forces.
March 17 - Dr. Wily turns the planet Earth green for St. Patrick's Day. It disappears the next morning.
March 26 - What is believed to be a major terrorist attack kills 50 people at the Pine Gap signals monitoring facility in Alice Springs, Australia.
May 12 - As a result of a particularly bizarre Robot Master raid on a mall, Dr. Wily is captured by Repliforce and jailed. In retaliation, Ten and Chi are kidnapped and held prisoner. Various poor attempts at a prisoner exchange follow with increasingly absurd results.
May 16 - Wily is freed from prison as a result of a massive Robot Master attack against the Alaskan prison in which he was being held.
May 23 - A massive Maverick assault against Innerpeace badly damages several districts of the city. The terrorist action, intended to demoralize the city, hardens its resolve against continued Maverick offensives. The Australian government vows to take decisive action against future Maverick assaults.
May 26 - A rescue operation is launched to free Ten and Chi. The Wilydrome is forced out of subspace and destroyed, but not before the Robot Master universal gestalt technology is revealed. Ten and Chi are retrieved, and then retire from Repliforce due to their extensive injuries.
May 30 - Innerpeace is attacked by the Mavericks again. The objective of the Mavericks is to destroy Paradise Fountain at the center of the city, but they are repelled by the fountain's powerful weather control technology. Multiple magnitude 5 tornadoes generated by the fountain accompanied by a powerful electrical storm ultimately rout the Maverick forces.

June - The Pantheon renew their offensive against Europe, led by eight new e-humans in special power armor suits. These new e-humans, called the Weil Numbers, appear to be able to pilot their robotic suits from subspace. The Numbers go on a reign of terror through most of the month of June before they are gradually beaten back to Elysium by the Resistance.

June 02 - Phoenix Communications CEO Sumiyama is attacked by the Hunters in a data haven alleged to contain a fragment of "Duo.EXE". The assault leads to charges being filed against the Hunters involved and a surge of sympathy for Sumiyama in South America.
June 17 - Wily attacks the world with Birdman cartoons.
June 25 - HeraCorp introduces the "NAVI", intelligent agents who can be used to complete tasks on the Internet.
June 25 - Tianna Camp re-opens as a result of advocacy by Cinnamon and Gaudile Labs.
June 26 - The Robot Masters open their city-state of Eclipse on the moon. Within 24 hours, it is attacked by allied forces, but proves to be very resilient to assaults due to its location and its use of civilians as human shields.
July 01 - Alexia Ashford emerges from the depths of Elysium as it is about to fall with an army of cybernetic zombies. The zombies push back the invaders and prevent the city from falling to the Resistance and other allied forces. The cyborg zombies, called the Black Legion, become a significant part of Euro-Arcadia's army afterward.
July 08 - The city of Sparta, North Carolina is massacred by Bass and the Robot Masters.
July 13 - In retaliation for the Sparta massacre, Eclipse citizens lose Earth citizenship, allegedly trapping them on the moon. Wide-scale teleporter system fraud continues to allow Eclipse residents to go to and from Earth, typically via Eurasia, despite the blockade.
July 27 - Princess Pride, Creamland royalty, is briefly kidnapped by a neo-Nazi terrorist organization. Pride is ultimately rescued by a group of Maverick Hunters before she can be seriously harmed.
August 02 - "Alouette", known thereafter as "Pureri", escapes from STARS custody during an attack on the STARS headquarters in Idaho.
August 09 - Project Brother, a deep space mining and research platform, is announced.
August 15 - An Australian museum is assaulted by a large, diverse force of robots and humans attempting to steal a painting of Hitler known as 'The Standard Bearer'. The painting is successfully stolen by Marino, and thereafter begins a lengthy trip through the black market before disappearing into the hands of a collector.
August 18 - Tianna Camp re-opens.
August 18 - Mega Man, under the pretense of attempting to lure Dr. Wily into a trap, attacks the White House. The ruse collapses, and the affair becomes a significant international incident.

September - Triad/Yakuza tensions explode into a global gang war, causing hundreds of deaths, thousands of injuries, and millions of zenny of collateral damage.

September 01 - American VP George Chevalier gets into a boating accident and goes into a coma.
September 11 - American President Dion Seers is assassinated by Cyber Peacock. Within hours, America launches a massive retaliatory strike against the Mavericks, destroying the Raptor II and executing a tactical strike against Cyber Peacock that results in his capture.
September 15 - Cyber Peacock is freed from custody during his initial arraignment in a military court.
September 16 - Marvin Thackery becomes the President of the United States after the abdication of Emmanuel Nowell, Speaker, from the position. Thackery selects Andrea Larson, a moderate Democrat, as VP.
September 18 - Blues is expelled from Repliforce's protection after being accused of torturing Cyber Peacock while the Maverick was in custody. Prismatic Spider, formerly 3rd in Command of Repliforce, is given a dishonorable discharge for his role in the affair. Thackery announces his initiative to restore order in war-torn San Angeles using the National Guard.

October - Piracy in the Pacific Rim increases considerably in the aftermath of the gang war, focusing on the Asian Mag-Lev Corridor.

October 01 - Americans begin their San Angeles offensive, pressing as deep as Sacramento. They quickly capture the upper third of the nation.
October 05 - The Battle of Lake Tahoe takes place. The Robot Masters rout American forces in their first major loss in the San Angeles campaign.
October 06 - A major pirate battle roars through Sri Lanka, resulting in the death of Triad boss Tingzhe Huang under suspicious circumstances. The rampage leaves 30 dead and hundreds injured. The offensive is considered to be the last battle of the global Triad/Yakuza gang war, with the Yakuza achieving a resounding victory over their Triad competitors.
October 10 - Infiltrators are discovered in the White House, causing a greater security crackdown. By the following Monday, Marvin Thackery replaces most White House employees and brings in a new cabinet.
October 14 - Blues is formally removed from the Maverick Hunters.
October 17 - American forces begin their advance in San Francisco, engaging in weeks of house-to-house urban combat.
October 26 - San Miguel, a city on the island of Cozumel, Mexico, is overtaken by a mysterious dome of darkness. Django and Sabata, dimensional travelers affiliated with the "World 3", arrive to help put an end to the incident. The darkness was apparently caused by "Immortals" -- vampires bent on turning the population of the entire universe into unchanging undead servants. The darkness was defeated, and once more the world was saved.

November - The war in San Angeles continues. The Robot Masters continue to gain ground in spite of valiant efforts by the forces of good to drive them out. On the other side of the world, the ADF intervenes to try to put an end to the piracy epidemic. Able City continues to become more militarized and openly Maverick.

November 04 - A large battle between Striders takes place in Antarctica. Almost everyone involved is killed.
November 12 - The Robot Masters capture San Quentin Penitentary, renaming it "Skull Quentin". It endures against repeated assaults, proving to be a formidable fortress.

December - San Angeles all but falls to the Robot Masters. Marvin Thackery struggles to maintain the American war effort against Albert Wily. In the Pacific, Repliforce and the ADF crush the pirate uprising and make the Pacific safe for commercial shipping.

December 10 - The first battle between Charlie Archer's pirate gang and Repliforce takes place. The Archer gang is bolstered by renegade Hunters and Red Alert, taking Repliforce by surprise. The rebellious robots are declared Maverick.
December 14 - Rhythm is killed in Able City's wharf district by Lumine.
December 16 - Rock makes a public statement against the allegedly corrupt Green Naga Corporation and its CEO, Tingzhe Huang. Huang and Green Naga deny being involved in criminal enterprise, but its public image is severely damaged.
December 18-19 - The "Archer Revolution"; Sri Lanka falls to the Archer Gang and its patrons, the Gospel NetMafia. Charles Archer reveals that he has access to a next-generation fighter equipped with a powerful timestopper weapon. Having conquered Sri Lanka, Archer advances the next day to cleanse the Pacific of all Triad-controlled shipping with an enormous pirate fleet supporting him. Repliforce meets the fleet in battle in an intense air and sea engagement. Archer's piloting and Red Alert's direct attack on the Fortress V appear to be about to turn the day. At the cusp of his victory, Charles is betrayed by a rogue member of Gospel, Eugene Chaud, who sets off a bomb planted inside of his fighter. Charlie and his fighter are destroyed by General's Ion Cannon, and the fleet pulls back in retreat. The battle is a narrow, costly victory for Repliforce, and despite defeating Archer, the Gospel NetMafia retains control of Sri Lanka.
December 19 - Blues and Cyber Peacock have an extensive Blink battle across the Earth. After causing extensive collateral damage all over the world, Cyber Peacock is able to escape when Blues is distracted by taking revenge on Chaud for his betrayal of Blues' ally, Charles Archer.
December 20 - San Angeles warlord Qiangwei Zhao declares herself San Angeles' head of state.

Late December - The Robot Masters, now without the threat of the Fortress V, consolidate power in San Angeles and all but throw the Americans out of the nation.

December 27 - Blues and General do battle on Easter Island. Blues prevails after causing significant damage to at least two moai statues.


January 1 - Blues "Protoman" Light brings about a global catastrophe by using three Force Metal-based nuclear devices on the Euro-Arcadian city of Elysium, the Maverick city of Able City, and the Wily-held lunar colony of Eclipse. All three weapons were detonated simultaneously at 10:22 pm San Angeles time. One million people were killed instantly. Viral bombs containing the Willamette strain of the T-Virus were detonated worldwide minutes later as what appeared to be a contingency measure by Alexia Ashford. A worldwide zombie outbreak follows. The explosions also trigger huge volcanic eruptions across the world, obscuring the sky beneath billowing clouds of volanic ash and debris thrown into the air from the impacts. The moon's orbit is slightly altered by the explosion on Eclipse, triggering earthquakes and tidal waves worldwide. combined with the chaos caused to the world's infrastructure by the massive EMPs, modern civilization is brought to a halt for months. It is the single worst act of terrorism in recorded history.
January 7 - Alexia Ashford is revealed to have survived. She gathers most of her Numbers from Weil, with only two staying with Weil out of a misplaced sense of loyalty to their 'humanity'. Her war against Europe begins anew, immediately allowing her to conquer Iberia. She will press west, hammering cities across Europe as she heads toward China.
January 8 - Mavericks take action against Australia in retaliation for accused war crimes committed by the ADF in "sanitizing" the Able City site. No concrete evidence of wrongdoing is ever discovered save for blurry video footage of ADF vessels in the area.
January 13 - Alexia Ashford and the Black Legion strike Paris. Paris withstands her assault, though is badly weakened.
January 15 - Alexia Ashford strikes Berlin, but it also holds, though Ciel's lab is destroyed.
January 17 - Dr. Weil conquers Eurasia, immediately fortifying it against attack. With the war on Earth drawing away so much attention, he is able to alter the station relatively undisturbed. Numerous atrocities occur over the next two months on the station.
January 19 - Epsilon, the sole survivor of Able City, returns to Giga City. The Maverick cause begins to disintegrate, being integrated into his Irregular forces.
January 25 - Pavel Cossack, Sage Harpuia and Vile have their final battle. Dr. Cossack defeats Vile in his restored Goliath using a Goliath of his own. Dr. Cossack attempts to take Sage Harpuia into custody without killing him, but Blues appears and kills Sage.
January 30 - The city of Bukhara, Uzbekistan is defended from Alexia Ashford's Black Legion by five people: Cinnamon, Arclite, Soldier Stonekong, Giga Man and Holocaust. The mysterious Dragonfly turns the tide of battle using an arcane artifact from another dimension that kills thousands of zombies in one strike.
January 30 - Doctor Wily begins his rampage across the United States in his latest Wilymachine, a reborn Wily Dragon called the "Nidhoggr". Its first action is to rampage through Las Vegas, which had repeatedly foiled Wily in the past. It destroys the Luxor pyramid and causes a powerful earthquake to strike southern San Angeles.
January 31 - Wily's Nidhoggr continues to rampage, striking at the Space Elevator in Kansas City. It is driven away, but at considerable cost.
February 1 - Wily's Nidhoggr strikes at Washington DC. Marvin Thackery, piloting the John Henry ride armor, sacrifices his life to protect the city -- and his old enemy, Colonel -- from the wrath of the beast.
February 2 - Wily attacks St. Paul, Minnesota in an effort to destroy the old Light Labs building. Mega Man engages the WilyDragon with most of the Hunters at his side. In the end, it is Mega Man alone who manages to destroy the beast, at the cost of his own life. The death of Mega Man precipitates a final confrontation...
February 4 - Albert Wily and Thomas Light have a world-shaking battle, each in their own final machines. They fight across the world before finally ending in San Angeles. Light succumbs to wounds sustained during the battle. At the moment of Light's death, the Alphas break free from Wily's control and turn on him. They strike him down, with Guts Man landing the final, titanic blow. Remorseful for twenty years of terror, the Alphas bury their father and join the Maverick Hunters, vowing to always stand against evil.
February 6 - Alexia Ashford and her army attempt to cross into China through the Korgas pass. They are stopped by a resurgent Chinese army led by a man named Serpent, who claims to be affiliated with Grandmaster Meio's Ouroboros army. Serpent is assisted by Kain, Matic, Sheena and Hien, and by the four Aesir: Atlas, Aeolus, Thetis and Siarnaq. The nine ninjas do battle against the Black Legion, driving them back into Europe over the next month.
February 11 - The Black Legion and Ouroboros fight through Moscow. The COMMANDO member Super Joe appears in Moscow to do battle against Grandmaster Meio on the Balrog. After a short clash, Meio unleashes his secret weapon; Gyroman Airstar, a mind-controlled Charlie Archer in a cutting-edge power armor. Efforts to apprehend Gyroman by his friends after the battle do not succeed.
February 18 - The Black Legion strikes at Paris again, Ouroboros forces pressing them against it to use allied resistance to further weaken the zombie army. Paris once more prevails, taking critical levels of damage but still managing to prevail.
February 22 - A running battle begins between Ouroboros and the Black Legion along the Black Road leading back to Iberia. Pureri makes herself known here to the allies, fighting and defeating several Numbers in a row.
February 25 - Allied and Ouroboros forces press Alexia Ashford back into Iberia by fighting her across the Line in the Sand. Hiryu is revealed to have been mind controlled by Grandmaster Meio and does battle against Pureri. Their intense duel ends in a phyrric victory for Pureri.
February 28 - Allied forces fight through the city of Barcelona, a city infested with grotesque BOWs including the infamous Nemesis. The true scale of Alexia Ashford's horror becomes more visible to those who continue advancing through monster-infested Iberia.
February 29 - In a battle in Zaragoza, Spain, Pureri and Fairy Leviathan fight Fefnir and Phantom, the two Guardians that remained under the Professor's control. Pureri brings down Fefnir with her own hand. Leviathan and Phantom are murdered by an ambush launched by Prometheus.
February 29 - The Professor, using a code exploit planted in the Robot Master main computer by Techno, takes over the Robot Masters. He begins standardizing the Robot Master forces and auditing the organization.
March 3 - With the combined resources of Sewa's HeraCorp and Roll Light, the normal orbit of the moon is restored.
March 3 - Allied forces battle the Black Legion through Madrid. Gyroman Airstar is defeated by Super Joe and his allies and taken into custody, where he begins to recover from the Professor's mind control.
March 5 - Allied forces encounter the city of Salamanca, which is full of 'ganados,' apparently mind-controlled villagers under the influence of a teenage Blackguard named Bly. Bly attacks the allied forces with a reconstructed Goliath, but is defeated by their combined efforts. Hien severs Bly's left arm from the elbow down. Bly is taken into US custody for unclear purposes.
March 7 - Allied forces fight their way through the BOW-infested city of Seville, destroying several large and dangerous biomonsters.
March 14 - The Ides Of March bring about an end to Ragnarok. Alexia Ashford's fortress of Cabo São Vicente is attacked by almost every world military, engaging in an air, land and sea battle against every biomonster and zombie the Black Legion had remaining. Alexia Ashford is personally battled by the most powerful fighters in the world. Elpizo appears to assist in the battle, sacrificing his life to weaken Alexia enough for the others to finish her off. Pureri, inspired by Elpizo's redemption, awakens her inner strength and manages to assist Colonel and General in striking the final blow against her.
March 14 - During the battle against Alexia Ashford, Alexia's efforts to launch viral missiles worldwide are defeated by a small group of fighters led by Alpha. The team destroys Nosferatu and Alfred Ashford and disarms all the missiles but one. Fearlessly, the team climbed onto the missile and disarmed it in flight, allowing it to fall and harmlessly destroy a Starbucks in southwest Detroit.
March 14 - Simultaneously, Josef Weil's Ragnarok weapon begins to fire on the earth, intending to re-start the eruptions that had caused so much damage to the Earth so to smother out all organic life. The weapon is deactivated, but Weil retaliates by attempting to drop Eurasia on the planet to cause an extinction-level event. The noble self-sacrifice of Poseidon Pegasus allows Eurasia to be destroyed in the upper atmosphere so that it will harmlessly break up on re-entry.
March 14 - Unknown to almost everyone else, the Nebula warship Eschaton had been disabled by the Professor in the initial bedlam of Weil's gambit. The Professor attacks the ship with his personal forces in an effort to seize it for himself. As Nebula agents fight off the Professor's assault, Gospel and Grave clash in the core of the ship for dominance. After numerous deceptions fall away, Nebula's Number One -- Teresa Magrevich -- kills Blues with Excalibur. Her father, Super Joe, attempts to kill Teresa, only to be struck down by her remorseful ex-boyfriend, Charlie. Moments later, a newly mind controlled Charlie turns on Teresa, causing them to kill each other.

The entire affair was revealed to be the result of the manipulations of Mister Famous, who sought to control the Eschaton to free his creation, Nicole, and to bring an end to civilization as we know it. Mister Famous is ultimately destroyed by Alloy with Excalibur, saving the world from an unstoppable force of destruction, and Teresa, Charlie and Super Joe are brought back from death by means of an extra-dimensional artifact.

March 15 - The fall of Eurasia into the atmosphere, combined with the heat created by Josef Weil's Ragnarok weapons, give Roll's microbot air cleaning system sufficient power to clear the air over the entire planet. The upper atmosphere is left healthier than it has been since before the Industrial Revolution. Alexia Ashford's death also causes the deaths of all of her zombies, destroying the Black Legion threat once and for all. Within a few days, Ciel Mallory releases a full vaccine against all T-Virus strains, putting an end to any fears of another worldwide outbreak. In the aftermath of the end of the war, the United Nations begins to reform a one world government and invites Repliforce to return to their old position as the world's army. The law enforcement and defensive organiation of "Legions" is chartered shortly thereafter to act as Europe's regional law enforcement and counterterrorism force.
March 20 - Ouroboros attempts to conquer Paris, but are repelled by the newly chartered Legions. Legions is assisted by the HMS Sentinel, captained by the newly re-enstated Charlie Archer. Charlie engages Meio in personal combat, reactivating his upgraded and repainted Gyroman Airstar armor. Archer claims the mantle of Captain Commando, driving Meio out of Paris. Legions ultimately sends Ouroboros back to China, at least for now...
March 21 - Rock Light is apparently resurrected as "Copy Rock" by Roll.
March 26 - Tartarus begins to be demolished. Reconstruction work begins.

April - Reconstruction efforts in Europe begin in earnest. The growing season appears to be extended due to numerous changes in the atmosphere.

April 8 - Salvo Rabbit, one of the last visible Blackguards, is captured. He is tried in a court of law and given life imprisonment.
April 13 - The Fortress V is boarded by a raiding party of Robot Masters led by Dark Man during a social event. Despite a valorous defense, the Fortress is scuttled.
April 19 - The Cheer Chickadee Memorial Trust is founded to assist in European reconstruction, providing millions of zenny for agricultural redevelopment. Cinnamon acts as the trusts executive director.
May 4 - The 2221 Battle and Chase begins. The 2nd annual N1 Grand Prix is once again held in direct competition, including three new events; Infiltration!, King of the Hill, and "Warpit", an event devised by Bass for sinister purposes.
May 13 - Light Labs begins constructing "science cities" around the world in an effort to assist economically depressed regions recover from the zombie war.
May 18 - Giga City begins making plans to add additional island space to address overcrowding concerns.
May 25 - The 2221 Battle and Chase ends. N1 continues holding its Infiltration! event, which becomes plagued by legal disputes and other controversy.
May 28 - A new Chinese-only MMO, Dynasty War Online, is announced. DWO attracts a great deal of consumer interest, even from overseas players who are not supposed to be able to play.
May 30 - Eugene Chaud is taken into Repliforce custody after being implicated in a prisoner abuse scandal in San Angeles. Chaud is ultimately found guilty of various crimes and thrown out of Repliforce, where he is indefinitely assigned to Legions as part of a plea bargain.
June 06 - The Irregulars launch a large strike against Melbourne, destroying the iconic UBS Tower and burning down several blocks of the city.
June 06 - Cinnamon is knighted by Duke William Bonham of Spain.
June 11 - The mysterious silver tower in Belgium known as "Checkpoint Delta" disappears, reappearing in Tunguska, Russia.
June 13 - The Irregulars launch a massive attack against Perth, gaining control of the HMS Hogan and striking at the shoreline with its long guns. The Irregular responsible, Binary Spirit, is captured for trial.
June 15 - "New Light City", one of Light Labs' science cities in Russia, begins to accept registration for housing space from civilians.
June 18 - Hiryu is recovered from Ouroboros in the aftermath of an attack in Moscow.
June 23 - Binary Spirit is broken out of the Lewis Zeigler Military Penitentiary in Korea by a massive Irregular attack. Many prisoners also escape in the melee, which results in the violent death of most of the guards and support personnel.
July 02 - A new military "Duma" is formed in Russia, attempting to bring order to the war-torn nation. This new military government gains the tacit support of Legions, giving it further legitimacy.
July 09 - Ciel Mallory unveils a self-contained cybernetic womb for the express purposes of assisting human procreation.
July 10 - The Irregulars strike against Port Douglas in Australia, focusing this time on raiding for supplies rather than causing mass destruction. MI and Capcom's local facilities take notable losses.
July 11 - The UN's capital building in Seoul, the McLaren Building, is destroyed by terrorists. 500 people are killed and thousands are injured by the strike. Ouroboros is widely believed to be responsible. An additional strike against Australian and Chinese diplomats during the bombing is believed to be related, but barely receives press coverage.
July 17 - The Irregulars destroy the Lachlan Cooper Research and Manufacturing Plant in Sydney by means of launching a Starbucks via trebuchet into the facility.
July 27 - Dark Man does a mediocre Joker impression. This marks the beginning of a short-lived campaign of targeted assassination against Reploid civilians that ends when Dark Man gets bored.
August 04 - Three major telecommunication satellite launches are announced over the next three months; Pegasus, serving the Americas; Leo, serving Africa and Europe; and Dragon, serving Asia and Australia.
August 06 - Dynasty Wars Online generates a strong IPO, gaining millions of zenny of investment capital.
August 11 - The Irregulars launch a terrorist strike against the N1 building in Rio after being disqualified from Infiltration!, killing 16 people and inflicting tens of millions of zenny in property damage. The nearby Hanzo Building is destroyed in the melee.
August 17 - Dr. Wily and Video Man, posing as Jack Link beef jerky executives, abduct Roll Light during a routine business meeting.
August 18 - Paris is selected as the new UN capital. The Grand Palais exhibition hall begins to be renovated to act as the capital building.
August 20 - A Maverick Hunter force led by 'Copy Rock' attacks Wilyversal Studios, where Roll is held captive. In the course of battle with Bass and Dr. Wily, 'Copy Rock's' memories resolve and he defeats them with the power of his "X Fire" armor, which had survived his original body's destruction. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Wily withdraws from San Angeles, vanishing to points unknown. United Nations and American troops, with Repliforce support, occupy the disorderly state.
August 25 - The "Able 2" redevelopment project is announced by Shining Thundercat. The project claims to be interested in building a city in the razed black rock of Belgium. Many are skeptical, but investment capital begins to be provided to the project.

September - Able 2 begins to be constructed in Belgium. Irregular activity in Africa steadily increases, with regular raiding pushing the young African Continental Government to the brink. While the fighting continues, an ideological split between Irregulars and Mavericks begins to appear as the month continues. The allied powers continue to drive the Irregulars back, but have to divide their time between Africa and Asia. Ouroboros' relentless western expansion through Russia continues. Meanwhile, construction of the Satellite Admin project continues to be interrupted by raids from the Robot Masters, Ouroboros and the Irregulars.

September 12 - Umbrella is made China's preferred distributor of pharmacutical and consumer health care products, significantly boosting the value of its shares while drawing international outcry.
September 15 - The activation of the Peace radio-telescope on Project Brother is delayed for unspecified reasons.
September 18 - Enker steals the World's Largest Cock from San Angeles.
September 27 - The Nation of "Z" is declared to be a rogue nation by the UN for knowingly harboring Robot Masters.

October - Ouroboros continues its western campaign into Russia. Tensions in Giga City rise as the Irregular/Maverick split becomes imminent. Gate seemingly betrays Ouroboros to assist Lumine in his plans for world conquest.

October 1 - The Irregulars steal what they believe is Walt Disney's brain from a secret vault beneath Disney Universe on Overclock's orders.
October 4 - Lumine and a group of Mavericks attack Dr. Cossack's secret Siberian fortress and steal the remains of Vile.
October 15 - A massive Maverick assault on Innerpeace finally leads to the capture of Paradise Fountain. The Mavericks use the Fountain to wreak havoc on Australia's weather. A massive civil disturbance believed to be initiated by Mavericks begins in Giga City, forcing the Canadian military to step in to try to quell it. A massive law enforcement operation begins as the Maverick attack begins to shatter the infrastructure of the Irregular/Maverick organization.
October 16 - Vile and the reconstructed Goliath appear in Innerpeace as the allies attempt to liberate it, acting as Lumine's right hand. While the allies are consumed with the liberation of Giga City, the ADF deploys a Saraband-based weapon called "Morpheus" devised by Midnight Epiphyllum to deactivate all of the Saraband-connected Reploids in Giga City. Dr. Wily attacks Giga City once the local resistance had been eliminated, all but destroying it. Epsilon is killed by Giga Man on the behalf of "Z" and their Nebula patrons, and Grave Ruins is destroyed. With their organization destroyed, the surviving Irregulars scatter. The surviving Mavericks take Able 2 from Shining Thundercat -- actually Scarface -- and launch it into space in November as their new base of operations.

October - Heracorp begins construction of the first Mars colony, New Jamaica. The eclectic colonization group includes former Irregulars and Hunters.

October 28-29 - A neo-Nazi terrorist group attacks the southern tip of Disney Universe, using resources there to create a flying fortress to assist in their plans for world domination. Allied forces arrive to repel the Nazis and learn that ex-Maverick Overclock is assisting them in their plans. With the help of the revived Nathan Spencer, the allied forces liberate Disney Universe from the Nazis and fight their way onto the flying fortress Albatross. Adolf Hitler, having been revived from his cryogenic prison beneath Disney Universe by Overclock, is found to be at the heart of the plot. Hitler is defeated by the allied powers, and the Albatross is destroyed.
October 29 - A resistant strain of malaria begins to spread through central Africa, believed to have originated in the mecha-jungle.

November - Avery Madison wins the election for Secretary-General of the United Nations. Michael Graham becomes the next President of the United States, while the Labour party maintained control of Australia. San Angeles returns to the United States after a controversial referendum, though retains its name. Captured Mavericks and Irregulars continue to go to trial for their crimes against the state and humanity. Hearings about the Morpheus cyber-munition begin.

November 9 - After many costly delays, Satellite Admin satellite "Leo" is launched.
November 26 - Avalon, a human-focused Mars colony, is publically announced. The colony, devised by German aristocrat Maximillian Rothschilde, is focused on being the most advanced and progressive colonization project to date.

December - UN hearings about Morpheus conclude without a clear result.

December 10 - Atlantis is accepted into the UN as a recognized micro-nation.
December 14 - Nobel Prizes are awarded late this year due to the global emergency. Winning the Nobel Prize in Physics was the team of Yuuichiro Hikari and Auto Light for the development of their Pan Dimensional Theory; the Nobel Prize in Medicine, Ciel Mallory for her work in understanding and curing the T-Virus; the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Kagiso Quednau, for her work in developing her chemical method of removing radiation from groundwater; the Nobel Prize in Economics, Ruben Clayes, for his studies of the global economy in the aftermath of the Maverick pogrom of Europe; the Nobel Prize in Literature, Frank West, for his tireless chronicling of the sapient spirit in a turbulent world; and the Nobel Peace Prize, Cinnamon Gaudile, for saving Europe from darkness.
December 26 - After many costly delays, Satellite Admin satellite "Dragon" is launched, completing all three scheduled satellite deployments. The Satellite Admin project shows immediate results, easing global telecommunications problems and allowing old satellites to be removed from orbit.


January - The Ouroboros push into Russia continues, with a constant press toward Moscow. Meanwhile, an Ouroboros-engineered crime wave assaults Eastern Europe. HeraCorp starts several new construction projects in Ireland, including the introduction of commercial tattoo cybernetics.

January 7 - The strain of drug-resistant malaria seen in Africa spreads to Australia. The strain is believed to be associated with Australia's mecha-forest in "Area A".
January 9 - Volgograd falls to Ouroboros. In the aftermath of the attack, at least 500 people are made to kill each other or be killed by drones in a public spectacle.
January 20 - Volgograd is reclaimed by the allied forces.
January 26 - The Martian colony of Avalon continues to expand construction, announcing that civilian settlers will be welcomed by mid-March.

February - Robot Masters begin targeting Ireland to strike at HeraCorp's investments. Ouroboros maintains its campaign in Russia despite several notable setbacks, constantly pressuring Moscow.

February 2 - Gemini Man attacks Karachi, Pakistan in an attempt to destroy the KPT Towers. The attack is foiled by a heroic effort by Legions personnel.
February 4 - Dr. Sigmund Doppler surrenders to UN authorities to stand trial.
February 9 - Drug-resistant malaria revealed to have been engineered by Gemini Man to turn public sentiment against the mecha-forests of the world.
February 11 - Mark "Safety" Williams is claimed to be a Chinese spy when a conversation between himself and Dr. Psyche pertaining to Williams' viral research and Morpheus is posted to YouTube. Williams gains asylum in China.

March - Global radio security improves as a result of upgrades distributed by Light Labs. Roll Light is widely credited with the improvements. Ouroboros presses into Moscow during the early part of the month. Chinese raids in Moscow become a regular fact of life.

March 6 - A failed but bloody attack on Tianna Camp to free Maverick prisoners results in the capture of Ninetails, Magna Centipede and Survivor Tofu.
March 11 - The first human children raised to term inside of a cybernetic womb are born. The "cyber-wombs", invented by Ciel Mallory, are an effort to encourage population growth.
March 11 - Avalon formally opens its doors to civilian settlers. The colony garners a lot of immediate interest because of its advanced technology, though is controversial in some quarters because of its human-focused amenities.
March 15 - Hundreds are injured and 48 are killed when the Robot Masters attack a peace benefit concert held by Sonia Strumm in San Angeles.
March 15 - Tianna Camp is attacked again, this time by Maverick-turned-Nazi collaborator Overclock. Ninetails is successfully freed.
March 18 - Dr. Doppler is found guilty of war crimes, and is ultimately remanded to indefinite indentured servitude to Repliforce.
March 21 - Avalon founder Maximillian Rothschilde is revealed to be Gemini Man as a result of a lengthy UN investigation. The revelation proves to be personally ruinous for Rothschilde's spouse, Teresa Magrevich, who exiles herself to Avalon under a cloud of suspicion.
March 23 - Dr. Light, secretly under the control of Dr. Wily, steals the UN Assembly Hall. Light is claimed to be the new leader of the Robot Masters. The allegedly Light-run Robot Masters rampage for days. The assembly hall is later recovered from Canada.
March 25 - An assassination attempt on Howard Vaughn is foiled by the allied forces with the assistance of the Texas Rangers. Grave operative Mai Atsuki is captured and kept in Texas custody for a week before being broken out from a maximum security prison.
March 27 - 30 - With the world distracted by Dr. Light, Dr. Wily springs his trap. Wily gains control of Project Brother by a series of backdoors he inserted into the space station while it was being constructed. Using Project Brother as a base of operations, Wily hijacks the Satellite Admin project by similar sabotage and uses it to broadcast a Morpheus-like system worldwide to seize control of all the Reploids in the world. The allied forces fight back, battling across Project Brother to defeat Wily's plan. Project Brother scientist Kelvin Stelar is instrumental in the defeat of Wily, but is apparently assassinated during his escape from the station by Shadow Man.

April - HeraCorp continues its efforts in Ireland, assisting in a class action lawsuit against the ADF for a variety of claimed Reploid civil rights violations, including the development of Morpheus. Meanwhile, HeraCorp continues its initiatives in Ireland, which are regularly opposed by the Robot Masters. Ciel Mallory continues to make news by her Martian plant studies, as well as her creation of previously extinct animals from fossil records.

April 01 - Skull Quentin is raided and destroyed by the allied forces. Dr. Light is freed from Wily's control, and Dr. Wily is captured.
April 10 - Salvo Rabbit is killed by Jailbird Gier-Eagle. Nothing of value is lost.
April 15 - Dr. Wily is freed from captivity by a new squad of Robot Masters.
April 21 - Sonia Strumm's freshman release, "Zodiac", is released. Zodiac reaches double platinum on pre-orders alone and reaches triple diamond status by the end of the month.
April 27 - Princess Pride is kidnapped by Grandmaster Meio, but frees herself the next day during an allied rescue attempt. Laika Hiro-St. James activates the Saotome System for the first time to defeat Meio in single combat.

May - HeraCorp and the governments of the United Kingdom successfully deploy weather control pylons across the UK, a significant coup for the Reploid-run corporation. Elsewhere, terrorist acts perpetrated in the name of Gemini Man by "Polaris" strike at groups of young people worldwide.

May 04 - Gemini Man slaughters the passengers and crew of HeraCorp's space liner "Bright Hope". The ship is donated to Legions in the aftermath of the attack to assist their space operations.
May 10 - Lumine and Avalanche Yeti kill two dozen pregnant women and new mothers in a Torontreal maternity ward. The Maverick attack injures hundreds of people and causes millions of zenny of damage, though Hunter intervention is credited as preventing the atrocity from becoming worse.
May 15 - Indian politician Chidambar Meenakshisundaram is attacked and mortally wounded by a Grave assassination team.
May 15 - Dynasty Wars Online announces plans to expand outside of China, a move widely praised by players worldwide.
May 16 - Dr. Wily steals all ice cream flavors in a fit of pique. Four days later, the allied forces locate Dr. Wily's machine beneath Creamland and destroy it, restoring the flavors of ice cream to the world.
May 20 - Rush Raccoon and Web Spider, allegedly acting independently of Legions, infiltrate the Avalon colony to seek out evidence of wrongdoing by Teresa Magrevich. Their infiltration is discovered, and the two flee the colony to escape capture. While Legions is summoned to retrieve their rogue operatives, Rush Raccoon and Web Spider seek aid and shelter with the secret Maverick colony on Mars, codenamed "Point Trouble".
May 29 - A Legions team arrives in Avalon to pursue Rush and Web Spider. The two return to Avalon with Siren, who has radically changed her appearance to adapt to the underground lifestyle of the Mavericks. An unexplained viral infection of Avalon's drones as Rush and Web surrender to authorities is attributed to possible Maverick interference.
May 31 - Legions, using New Jamaica as a temporary base of operations while negotiating with the Maverick colony of "Point Trouble", is assaulted by Dragonfly. During Dragonfly's attack, New Jamaica's Preons go rogue much as Avalon's drones did, potentially implicating Avalon. However, suspicions of a third party become stronger.
June 03 - Avalon is attacked by Mavericks apparently from "Point Trouble" during a reception for Legions. The Mavericks are revealed to have been controlled by viruses nicknamed "Jammers". Siren dies protecting Rodney Ruddock from the last attack of a controlled Maverick.
June 06 - Allied forces go into "Point Trouble" when they lose contact with the colony. After fighting through infected Preons, the allies confront and defeat the remains of the Goliath controlled by the FMian Omega-Xis. Omega-Xis warns the allies of a coming invasion before disappearing.
June 15 - The United Nations begins to hold hearings on how the Martian space colonies, as well as any future colonies, should be treated under the law.
June 31 - The Indonesian Prime Minister is assassinated while in transit back to his home.

July - Maverick attacks begin to become more prevalent, with strikes against civilian targets becoming more savage. The mecha-forests of the world slowly raise their defenses.

July 06 - Dr. Wily's plot to alter the world's statues to look like himself concludes with yet another defacement of Mount Rushmore. Cleanup is expected to take months.
July 10 - Polaris is captured by Michael Eildath in Manhattan after a running gun battle. Polaris is critically injured in the aftermath of the battle, and is hospitalized while undergoing a psychatric evaluation.
July 10 - Mars Ultor is blamed for an outbreak of vandalism in Avalon and a bombing somewhere outside of New Jamaica.
July 22 - Two hundred people go missing in the aftermath of a Maverick attack in New Tokyo.
July 27 - The UN Committee On Extra-Planetary Affairs (UNCEPA) approves a charter for a provisional government to oversee the two acknowledged Martian colonies. This new government will be the point of contact for the Satellite Law Enforcement Task Force (SATPOL).
July 27 - Patrick "Polaris" Sprigs escapes from UN custody with the help of the Robot Masters. He falls off the radar for several months afterward.
July 30 - Hot Springs, Arkansas is attacked by Robot Masters. The Robot Masters fail to destroy most of the city. This is disagreeable to Dr. Wily.

August - The world's mechaforests continue to fortify themselves. Industrial production in China grows at a nearly exponential rate. Organized crime in India becomes more unstable as Triad elements allied to Tom Finklestein struggle to achieve dominance. Some Mavericks begin to surrender themselves to UN authorities while other Mavericks continue attacking everything in sight. Chinese forces continue their press into Russia.
August 03 - Shooting Star Rockman makes his first appearance in Chicago, fighting Mavericks attacking a street festival.
August 07 - Hot Springs, Arkansas is functionally obliterated by the Robot Masters, proving that Dr. Wily never leaves a job half finished.
August 07 - Dr. Stevenson and other Ouroboros elements steal experimental power armor technology from Repliforce during a demo. The "plugsuit" based MANTIS system falls into Umbrella's hands.
August 08 - The first "FMian" attack is recorded in Echo Ridge, Illinois at Echo Ridge High. Teacher Mitch Shepard is possessed by "Libra Scales", attacking a marksmanship class. Shooting Star Rockman appears to fight the aliens off.
August 12 - A second "FMian" attack takes place at Echo Ridge High, this time resulting in the possession of Bud Bison by "Taurus Fire". Once more, Shooting Star Rockman appears to save the day.
August 15 - The Robot Masters swiftly conquer Madagascar, beginning to build up the nation's industrial base for an unknown purpose.
August 16 - A FMian attack in Munich led by Cancer Bubble ends with everyone being mildly annoyed. Cancer Bubble and his host escape to cause more mischief later.
August 19 - Harp Note causes minor disturbances at a Lollapalooza pre-festival to flush out Shooting Star Rockman. She is soundly thrashed for her antagonism, but in doing so unknowingly starts a feud between herself and Luna Platz.
August 20 - Many Mars Ultor members are arrested in a Chicago bust of the Joffrey Ballet. Silver Horn is first publically implicated as being somehow involved with the group by Legions personnel.
August 22 - A televised "werewolf" attack in London is revealed to be yet another FMian possession for Shooting Star Rockman to defeat.
August 24 - Harp Note attempts to apologize for her earlier behavior to Shooting Star Rockman in Chicago, but is ambushed by Queen Ophicua in what will become a pattern of violence between the two Wave Changed humans. Ophicua is defeated, but the resolution is unhappy for everyone involved.
August 26 - The Dinosaur Tank attempts to attack the Space Elevator, but is roundly beaten by the allied forces. Overclock is believed to be responsible for the incident "for the lulz".
August 29 - Cygnus Wing possesses Tom DuBois during a tech demo at AMAKEN, but is ultimately foiled by his best friend's trust in him (and the firepower of most present, including Shooting Star Rockman).

September - As Chinese forces continue their aggression in Russia, and the Robot Masters ramp up their construction in Madagascar, Maverick violence worldwide rises to a fever pitch. Umbrella and Texas are accused of participating in "alien experimentation" in YouTube videos, and shady activities on both sides are alleged. A strange construction rises out of the Congolese mecha-jungle. Indian gang warfare continues, with Tom Finklestein's Triad forces rising to power.

September 01 - A massive Mars Ultor terrorist action assaults Mars, with the missing citizens from Neo Tokyo revealed to have been transformed into ghoulish cyber-zombies by Silver Horn. A flurry of orbitally-dropped pods filled with cyber-zombies are fought back by the allied forces, though many people are wounded from the attack. The leader of Mars Ultor, "Reverend", is revealed to be a hologram.
September 07 - A large Maverick attack in San Angeles targeting the Lake Angeles crater causes massive property damage and an alarming number of civilian casualties. A variant type of Maverick apparently infected by the mecha-forest, known as "Limited", come to the public's attention. The Limited are in apparent opposition to the Mavericks, though don't appear to care for anyone else that much either.
September 09 - The Mavericks launch a significant offensive against the War Pillars in Torontreal, causing a lot of damage to the immediate area. The Mavericks are unable to actually severely harm the pillars because of the determined protection of the allied forces.
September 12 - The allies launch a massive attack on the Maverick space fortress of Able 2. A day-long battle rages both in space and within the space station itself, resulting in massive Maverick casualties. The space station is ultimately destroyed by means of a Gate-built self-destruct device. Able 2 is crushed by stellar debris. The X-Hunters, Byte and many other Mavericks are killed on the station, along with many allied fighters. Lumine undergoes EM Wave Change to merge with General Auriga of the FMian forces, but is ultimately destroyed by Shooting Star Rockman. Vile and the Goliath are apparently destroyed, while Gate escapes back to Ouroboros.
September 12 - As Able 2 is destroyed, Silver Horn escapes Legions custody by way of an Ouroboros extraction team.
September 12 - As Able 2 is destroyed, Dr. Wily launches a massive attack on the entire world. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of Robot Masters spread out across the world by means of underground tunnels, attacking major cities. The world falls into total chaos.
September 15 - Sky Lagoon is sabotaged by 'Magma Dragoon', but is ultimately found to be Telos wearing some sort of strange EM Wave disguise. The Robot Masters attack Sky Lagoon, but start to be repelled. Dr. Wily rams the Wilytanic into the side of Sky Lagoon, severely damaging both bases to begin a protracted siege.
September 16 - The Robot Masters attack the Mecha-Schwarzwald, destroying 2,000 acres before finally pulling back.
September 19 - The Robot Masters attack the Hunter base of Castle Schwarzheim. The attack concludes with the Nation of "Z" being launched from orbit down at the castle. The Hunters divert the impact point of "Z" one and a half kilometers away from the castle, but the resulting strike still severely damages the castle. No civilians are harmed.
September 22 - The Robot Masters attack Legions Tower in Munich, killing hundreds of people in an effort to destroy the tower. The Masters are narrowly repelled.
September 23 - The Robot Masters run rampant through the government district of La Défense in Paris, killing thousands of people and causing further disruption to the governance of the United Nations.
September 27 - The mothballed warship "Colossus" is stolen from its dock in the Azores in the ongoing confusion of the Robot Master assault on the Earth.
October 6 - A shootout between a group of renegade US Marines and Umbrella security guards in Dallas ends with several dead on both sides. Questions are raised about possible outside influence on the Marines soon afterward.
October 7 - The Robot Masters' army of duplicates is finally defeated in Madagascar, where Wily's primary production facilities were located. Wily's army is defeated by reversing the polarity of the neutron flow of the Magnet Gun, causing the copy Masters to explode.
October 9 - Ouroboros exploits the exhaustion of the allied powers, using a massive deployment of portals to swiftly break Moscow's defenses. The Russian government swiftly surrenders, and a new puppet regime is put into place. The victorious Chinese sue for peace with the UN, which receives a cool reception.
October 12 - The terrorist "Polaris", also known as Pat Sprigs, induces a riot in Echo Ridge during its yearly homecoming parade. Polaris manages to evade capture as the riot is suppressed.
October 19 - The ongoing investigation into insurgent activity in Texas uncovers alleged CIA influence. Tensions between America and Texas rise even as both governments claim an absence of intelligence operations in the area.
October 19 - Criminal assets associated with the rogue Nation of "Z" are hit hard by Interpol and African law enforcement. The successful raids are believed to be attributable to the testimony of ex-"Z" operative Linnea Blossom.
October 19 - An assassination attempt on Avery Madison via Chinese portal is foiled by timely allied intervention.

November - The black market support structure of the former Nation of "Z" continues to be hammered by UN law enforcement, guided by the confessions of captured pirates and black marketeers.

November 1 - Dr. Doppler's mind is revealed to have been moved into a Reploid neural net by Ciel Mallory. Public controversy over the transfer is wide-ranging and leads to extensive UN hearings on the "metempsychosis" procedure.
November 2 - Ashley Graham, daughter of US President Michael Graham, is kidnapped by Blackguard cultists while on a college excursion through northern Spain. Repliforce is deployed to rescue her, but discovers along the way a dangerous criminal conspiracy by the "Los Illuminados" cult to subvert the US government using parasites. The cultists are defeated and Ashley is rescued, though their apparent mastermind "Hyde" escapes custody.
November 11 - Roll reveals her IDIOM system, which allows for instantaneous interplanetary communication via quantum entanglement. The initial system is intended to be used for large "head end" applications rather than for personal use. IDIOM is quickly implemented on Mars to ease communication problems with the Earth.
November 13 - Ex-"Z" operative Linnea Blossom is apparently killed escaping UN custody.
November 19 - The Robot Masters steal a sample of the original yeast from the Jim Beam distillery in Kentucky, using it to create their own liquors and spirits. "Old Man Wily's Hickory Smoked Beam-esque Style Bourbon Whiskey" develops a strange popularity despite (or perhaps because of) its blatant illegality.
November 23 - Maverick cyborg and Reaverbot inventor Overclock is officially stated to be in UN custody. The full extent of Overclock's crimes against sapient life become clearer as a formal investigation and trial begin.
December 4 - A demonstration by supporters of Texas returning to America is marred by violence. An assassination attempt on integrationist leader Hiram Smith during a speech was narrowly foiled by Storm Owl, but the riot that followed claimed the lives of fifteen people. Suspicions of non-US influence on the tensions heighten in the aftermath.
December 13 - UNSA, in cooperation with Light Labs, undergoes an extensive probe campaign of all significant objects in our solar system.
December 15 - Ciel Mallory reintroduces Archaeopteryx lithographica to the public. The bird-like dinosaur attracts interest from numerous world zoos.
December 17 - Ex-Irregular Scarface enters negotiation with the Ministry of Education to open a liberal arts focused college to help assist former Mavericks in re-integrating into society.
December 17 - Oderico Dickenson, senior member of the administration of the rogue Nation of "Z", is captured by UN forces. Dickenson is held for several days before being released by a "Z" strike team, and does not yield useful intelligence for UN forces.
December 28 - Groundbreaking begins for the first casino on Mars. The casino, an expansion of the Avalon colony, is constructed on the mesa formerly believed to be the "Face On Mars".


January 1 - Ciel Mallory releases research that supports her hypothesis that the DNA Soul exists in humans. The research provokes further controversy in light of her previous "metempsychosis" feat.
January 2 - A subspace breach occurs in Miami, releasing "subspace creatures" under the control of Robert Taft into the area. The creatures and Taft are defeated, and the ship Taft was using as a command post is banished back into subspace.
January 8 - By mysterious means, Dr. Wily imposes the Wilydollar on Africa. The Wilydollar is said to be worth three zenny. Popular discontent begins immediately, with African leaders being mysteriously unresponsive to the complaints of their people.
January 12 - Ciel Mallory unveils the first non-plant fossil records recovered from Mars. Of particular interest is the fossilized remains of a humanoid Martian. Martian involvement on Earth once more enters public discourse, with the expected amount of controversy.
January 17 - The "Broken Pyramid" of Meidum is destroyed in a massive battle involving the allied forces, Ouroboros, the Robot Masters and a Blackguard cult. A Martian artifact believed to be at the center of the conflict escapes the custody of everyone else involved.
January 21 - The Mecha-Schwarzwald is struck by a tactical nuclear weapon, destroying one of Sean's cores beneath Castle Ortenberg. An additional nanotech weapon is found to have been used across the forest that targets the Limited system itself. Sean's control over the Mecha-Schwarzwald is removed. Dr. Wily claims responsibility for the attack.
January 26 - The Congolese mecha-jungle is attacked by Robot Master forces using the anti-Limited nanotech counteragent. Repliforce is deployed to the area to prevent the destruction of the mecha-jungle, but almost half of the jungle is destroyed. Another of Sean's cores is destroyed, along with its orbital-capable mass driver.
January 27 - Ouroboros is claimed to have attacked Area A's mecha-forest with the anti-Limited nanotech counteragent. The last of Sean's cores is apparently destroyed in the process.
February 3 - The Blackguard Wheel Gator attacks Manhattan with a weather control device. The device is destroyed along with Wheel Gator, but causes considerable damage across the city.
February 5 - Solar system specific portal routers are announced by the UN to allow for uninterrupted portal traffic within the Inner Planets. The portal routers are to be deployed over the next few months.
February 7 - A particularly messy Robot Master attack inside of the Torontreal Eaton Mega-Centre results in the death of the Reploid mercenary Lotus.
February 16 - Vile attempts to destroy the Space Elevator by cutting its connections to its orbital counterweight. Allied forces save the Space Elevator after a hard and difficult fight.
February 24 - Luna Platz breaks the former Girl Scout cookie sales record by aggressive promotion on SomethingGlobal.
March 3 - Artifacts are recovered from the isolated village of Huitzilop, "Wazap", Mexico after a brief scuffle.
March 8 - Bailey Seers, now "the Rogue", apparently kills Cyber Peacock in Giga City at the end of a worldwide "Blink Fight".
March 12 - The Hunters avert Vile's attempt to cause a catastrophic volcanic eruption at Mt. Saint Helens.
March 14 - Vile attacks Eden Park in Innerpeace, destroying a statue of Lachlan Cooper. The statue is replaced by a hologram while a new one is created.
March 15 - James "Kraft" Houseman surrenders to Repliforce custody without a fight for questioning about "several persons of interest". He is released from custody 10 days later.
March 25 - Shane Hunter's first public demonstration of the Mark 4 is attacked by enemy forces. Shane and the allies soundly repel both the Ouroboros and Robot Master attackers.
April 1 - The Green Fairy Casino and Resort, the first such property on Mars, opens.
April 4 - Dr. Vega Orihime, using the artifacts collected by the allied powers over the last several months, takes control of Atlantis. Martian technology allows the city to go airborne and surround itself with an impenetrable forcefield. Allied forces ultimately breach the shield and confront Orihime and her defenses. Shortly thereafter, Atlantis disappears under mysterious circumstances, apparently destroyed by Orihime to prevent its technology from being exploited for weaponry.
April 11 - Battle and Chase begins. The events are plagued by malfunctions and what appears to be deliberate sabotage.
May 15 - The Finklestein Triad, after months of difficult operations by the allied powers, is finally brought down when Tom Finklestein is brought into custody. The criminal underworld is thrown into chaos, causing power struggles across India and the continent of Africa. Finklestein is found guilty of a long list of crimes and sentenced to multiple life sentences by the end of the month.
May 23 - Vile attacks Wrigley Field, killing 29 people including Jamie Madison, one of Secretary-General Madison's daughters.
May 28 - Vile attacks the Shaolin Temple in China, killing dozens including the Dalai Lama. In a rare moment of cooperation, both UN and Chinese forces cooperate to restore the temple and care for the wounded.
May 30 - Vile attacks a charity fundraiser in Sydney, killing 9 people. The Robot Master Enker assassinates Dale Oates, Prime Minister Lara Oates' husband, for unclear reasons. "Dickery" is highly suspected.
June 1 - The Barsoom colony opens. Barsoom is a transhuman colony managed by Dr. Ciel Mallory and focused on humans adapting to the climate and gravity of Mars rather than adapting Mars itself.
June 1 - Video Man's attempt to disrupt talks between the US and Texas at San Jacinto with a "death ray" is foiled by allied forces.
June 10 - Ciel introduces the Miracle Orange, a proposed replacement for People Chow.
July 1 - Vile and the resurrected Cyber Peacock assault several locations on Earth, culminating in the destruction of Central Park with the Apocalypse Cannon. Thousands are believed to be dead after the attack, including journalist Joanna Neige.
July 8 - Cassilda Coriolis, possessed by Libra Scales, launches an early-morning attack against an electronic monitoring facility in Australia. After threatening to bombard military targets across Australia, allied forces were able to find Cassilda and separate her from Libra Scales. Both were brought into custody without loss of life.
July 10 - Vile attempts and fails to drop a large asteroid on central Africa. Vile is said to have been destroyed in the allied counterattack. Ra Moon is released.
July 17 - Dr. Light hijacks global communications to warn people of the return of Ra Moon. The resulting panic causes civil unrest worldwide, and acts as a trigger for large-scale Blackguard terrorist action. Blackguard activity escalates.
July 27 - Light Labs creates "Our World", a content feed focused on sub-Saharan Africa and India.
August 8 - Ra Moon destroys Dr. Light in an attack on Light Labs. Blackguard attacks intensify.
August 27 - Ciel introduces a new formulation of first aid spray, along with the Nurse Elf Transer application to assist first responders in treating the wounded.
September 24-27 - The Zodiac Wars conclude with several waves of attacks. The Imperial Army, led by Gottfried Groeder, attempt to take over the United States. The Imperials are defeated, but at great cost, granting the Blackguards a free hand to launch attacks on major infrastructure across the entire world. As the Blackguards are suppressed, Planet FM aims to finish the planet off with an all-out assault, concluding with the arrival of the star-sized FM King, Cepheus.

During the FMian assault, Operation Dandelion sends dozens of human sleeper ships to distant stars in an attempt to save the species.

Three days of non-stop warfare takes its toll on the planet (and Las Vegas, which is utterly destroyed), but the people of Earth are able to save their world from destruction. Ra Moon and his Blackguard elites are destroyed, as is the FMian instigator Gemini Spark. Ada Wong, Gaus and Teresa Magrevich are killed, and Captain Commando awakens from his decades-long stasis. The Moon returns to its pre-Ragnarok coloration for mysterious reasons.

October - In the aftermath of the Zodiac Wars, the UN's response to the FMian threat receives significant public scrutiny and protest. Concerns about the high volume of capital still allocated to anti-FMian weapons development intensify, but the most visible complaints focus on Operation Dandelion. Recriminations and accusations ranging from classism to racism are directed at the program and the Madison administration, but Madison remains adamant that the program was the correct course of action.

October 4 - Vincente Sumiyama arranges a plea bargain with UN authorities to testify on the criminal activities of the Millions Syndicate, believed to be tied to the Imperial Army and Ouroboros.
October 16 - Epsilon, resurrected during the last battle against the Blackguards, leads the Irregulars in the reconstruction of the Eiffel Tower. Epsilon vanishes after the task is completed less than a month later.
October 20 - TriCell Pharamaceutical announces the construction of a plant in the war-torn Kijiju Autonomous Zone, formerly occupied by the mecha-jungle.
November 1 - China announces the construction of an ambitious civilian mass transit portal project. Project leader Chao Jie Kung defies expectations and acts as a highly effective manager during the project's construction.
November 5 - The wreck of the Raptor II is found in Africa being salvaged by criminals. Maverick Hunters break up the criminal operation.
November 14 - Word of a failed bioterror plot in the Kijiju Autonomous Zone reaches the public. Allied forces successfully contain the incident and destroy the ringleaders. A large oil rig explosion is credited with creating an unexplained 'shroud of darkness' that began spreading over the continent before it was brought under control.
December 1 - Dioscuri's Rise, second in the Dioscuri's Fire trilogy, is released. The book remains on best-seller lists well into 2224.
December 5 - Gemini Man holds an inexplicable press conference in which he expresses interest in regaining his lost ownership in the Avalon colony. Repliforce Commander Hi-Max responds to Gemini Man's demands by asking that he surrender to the authorities to show his interest in becoming part of society.
December 20 - Dark Man attempts to assassinate Secretary-General Avery Madison with a nuclear device during a meeting with the Maverick Hunters. Quick thinking by the Maverick Hunter Tangram saves Avery's life and prevents any loss of life in the building.
December 24 - Ciel Mallory resurrects the Baiji, or Chinese River Dolphin.


January 8 - Pavane, an OS upgrade to Reploids, is released. Pavane addresses numerous security problems within the Reploid OS, adds high-grade encryption to Reploid peripheral systems, and has native Saraband support.
January 13 - Mai Atsuki is acknowledged by the Guinness Book of World Records as the first human to reach the summit of Olympus Mons without mechanical assistance.
February 5 - Dr. Wily uses what will later become known as Dual Avatar to transform the Earth into a "steampunk" reality. People fleeing the steampunk effects flood Martian colonies, which enjoy a long-term population boost in the aftermath of the incident. The incident is also believed to have fueled the Avalon independence movement. Dr. Wily appears for the first time in public as a young man, which turns out to not be a part of the Dual Avatar system.
February 28 - Dr. Wily's steampunk plan is foiled. Wily is briefly brought into UN custody. Following Wily's defeat, information Dr. Wily provided about criminal operations associated with the "Grave" organization is employed to strike at organized crime across Africa and southern Europe.
March 2 - Shane Hunter announces the creation of the "Osiris" neighborhood in Las Vegas, designed to serve the workers at his Las Vegas production plant.
March 6 - Hunter Industries announces its intent to go public, citing the need to generate more capital to fuel its aggressive expansion.
March 8 - Dr. Doppler announces his intention to create a science habitat on the Atlantic seabed. Doppler surprises many when he claims the habitat will accommodate both Reploids and humans.
March 9 - Ciel Mallory resurrects the Tasmanian tiger, the Thylacine.
March 9 - "Day of Mars" protests, primarily focused around Avalonian independence, lead to peaceful marches in Paris and Avalon. Sporadic protests continue in Paris throughout the month of March. The Avalon colony's management and the UN begin working together to create an orderly process to establish colonial sovereignty.
April 1 - Ground is broken on the Fables Casino project, occupying the site of the former Luxor Casino in Las Vegas.
April 8 - Chao Jie Kung is made Prince of Henan Province in China.
May 18 - The Champions Initiative is formally announced. Champions is a collaborative project between Charité, Repliforce and the Tactical Arms and Security Committee (TASC) that utilizes human genetic augmentation technology, informally known as "e-humanization". Champions is initially received apprehensively by the UN Senate, particularly in light of the initial "Champions" having eerie similarities to the Guardians of Neo Arcadia.
June 1 - Avalon votes to declare itself a sovereign nation, declaring the 2nd of June to be Avalon Independence Day.
June 10 - Gravity Man attempts to drop a 50-meter wide asteroid on Avalon, but is repelled by allied forces.
June 26 - Champions operatives are instrumental in quelling a Neo Arcadian-like uprising in Mexico.
July 9 - Las Vegas announces its intent to go into strategic default to accelerate reconstruction efforts. The temporary Las Vegas-Reno (LVR) District will have its debts processed through federal court, with bondholders expected to take significant "haircuts". The restructuring later sets the stage for a variety of rebranding efforts.
July 18 - Steel Massimo foils an assassination attempt against US President Michael Graham and Secretary-General Avery Madison.
July 25 - The Cross System, the first Mimic system, is announced by the Australian Defence Forces. The Cross System uses technologies from Dual Avatar to partially simulate the capabilities of a target.
July 29 - A major biohazard incident strikes Nouveau Orleans, leading to the deaths of thousands of people. The incident is claimed to be a Chinese bioterror attack, but China denies any involvement in the affair.
August 1 - Dinosaur Park in Munich is attacked by Robot Masters. "Blood Eagles" are the vanguard of the attack, controlled by Patrick Spriggs.
August 1 - Umbrella begins to be victimized by an aggressive performance art campaign to discredit and shame its executives. The phrase "What are we fighting for" prominently features in the campaign, which is later attributed to the nascent terrorist organization "Nephilim".
August 24 - Increased recruitment efforts by Champion leads to protest marches in Paris.
September 4 - Avalon and the African Continental Government sign the first of many trade agreements.
September 19 - Prismatic Spider is declared Maverick after attacking Champion headquarters. The Nephilim terrorist organization is born.
September 24 - The Maverick Hunters announce their dissolution. Rock joins Repliforce to lead an elite division, while Zero departs to found the 0th Unit. Axl and a few other Hunters formally join TASC. Roll begins to repurpose Light Labs, starting a lengthy period of divestment and patent releases to streamline the firm.
October 1 - Dr. Wily's "pony cannon" is deployed in Paris, transforming hundreds of civilians into living My Little Ponies.
October 10 - Repliforce scientist Miranda Stoddard devises a cure to the "pony effect", which begins to be employed against affected civilians. The "Smooze" leads to brief periods of ennui, but otherwise shows no long term negative effects.
October 19 - Hippopressor is credited with the discovery of the Ichthyornis selachii bird, known as the "Shark Fish-Bird".
October 20 - Dr. Wily appropriates the Smooze to attack Legions Tower, but is foiled.
October 23 - Rock is formally inducted into Repliforce as a Commander.
October 24 - An Ouroboros installation on Ibis Island is found to contain numerous dinosaurs. The source of the dinosaurs is a time portal devised by Dr. Edward Kirk. Allied forces shut down the portal and take Dr. Kirk into custody. China maintains Ibis Island as a nature preserve, permitting scientists to visit the island to study its prehistoric habitat.
November 8 - Savannah Stoddard releases her freshman album, "It's What's Inside". The album receives mixed reviews from critics, but is popular with youth audiences from its message of human-robot equality.
November 8 - Las Vegas votes to rename itself Fortune City, also choosing a new city seal and logo.
November 28 - Admiral Niklas Wilhelm betrays the United Nations, stealing the latest Fortress-class ship, the Arjuna. Wilhelm's betrayal destroys the UNS Sparrowhawk, killing all hands, and causes chaos within the Madison administration. The Arjuna is renamed the "Balrog II" by Chinese forces.
November 29 - Charité Technologie announces that it will offer minor human augmentation services to the civilian market.
December 1 - Secretary-General Avery Madison ends the UN's policy of criminal conscription, allowing all former Mavericks that were forcibly conscripted to leave military service in an orderly fashion.
December 2 - Fortress Wahnen, the former home of Admiral Wilhelm's grandson Herzog Schlange, is retaken by allied forces.
December 3 - The city of Tehran is levitated by Chinese forces using the "Gravity Engine".
December 7 - Robot crime is found to have fallen 45% over the course of the year. The plummeting robot crime rate is attributed to a rise in Saraband usage brought about by the Pavane OS upgrade.
December 13 - Repliforce announces the Peace Corps initiative. The initiative is to be headed by Cinnamon Gaudile.
December 15 - Nephilim attacks TriCell's Kijuju facility, leading to four deaths and a "severe" containment breach.
December 16 - Tehran is returned to Earth, though sustains moderate damage from an imprecise landing.
December 19 - Chinese forces are routed on their space station, the Third Moon. The Gravity Engine is destroyed, and the Balrog II is badly damaged.
December 20 - Nephilim forces are claimed to have destroyed Umbrella's Calcutta building, killing at least a dozen people and injuring hundreds more.


January 2 - An ancient mosque is announced to have been discovered beneath Tehran. China controversially offers its assistance to Iran in preserving the ruins.
January 7 - The TriCell corporation submits its "Aberewa" anti-aging treatment to the African Continental Government's Drug Oversight Commission for approval.
January 13 - Prince Chao Jie Kung of Henan announces a multi-faction martial arts organization known as the Wulin. The organization will maintain schools in China and Mexico linked by Dual Avatar.
January 18 - Nephilim destroys an Umbrella facility in downtown Beijing, causing extensive property damage and civilian injury.
January 31 - Robot Master and Nephilim forces attack several satellites. In the scuffle, SomethingGlobal's primary relay satellite is stolen, removing the service for nearly a year.
February 2 - Umbrella's Chicago facility is destroyed.
February 5 - Albert Wesker resigns as CEO of Umbrella, implicating dozens of people in an elaborate criminal conspiracy to undermine the United Nations.
February 12 - Liam Dolg attempts to hold India hostage by threatening to pollute the Ganges River. The threat is swiftly neutralized by the allied forces, but civilian retaliation against Triad agents in India continues for months.
February 17 - Mega Man joins the Peace Corps.
March - The Robot Masters begin accumulating chemical processing equipment, specifically equipment used in processing acid.
March 8 - The last book in the Dioscuri's Fire trilogy, "Dioscuri's World," is released.
March 19 - A bullet train carrying Force Metal ore derails just outside of Giga City, irradiating an area just under two square kilometers.
March 26 - Capcom and ChronTech announce a joint partnership to bring Reaver technology to world markets.
March 31 - TriCell's Aberewa anti-aging treatment receives approval for human trials by the ACG.
April 6 - Ouroboros uses Plagas against Cape Town, South Africa. This will be the first of several bioterror attacks.
April 14 - Ouroboros begins its campaign in New Zealand, seizing Queenstown and the surrounding area. As civil unrest in Australia rises to a fever pitch, Ouroboros forces draw ever-nearer to the continent.
April 17 - Iris' role in planning the original Maverick attack in Sydney is revealed. She surrenders to the authorities, and is held in custody for most of the month. The news sparks off an intense period of anti-Maverick activity, acutely so in Australia.
April 22 - Sigma resurfaces abruptly, having no memory of his rebellion. He is brought into custody without a fight.
April 24 - Supposed Chinese agent Tsel Dybbuk attempts to assassinate Iris in prison with the seeming help of Siarnaq. Tsel's attempt narrowly fails, but Iris is critically injured.
April 29 - Iron Giarex attacks protests on Repliforce Island, killing hundreds of civilians.
May 13 - Midnight Epiphyllum uses a wide-ranging Weapon Copy system across Kansas City, using the Space Elevator as his firing platform. Midnight perishes at the hands of the allied forces shortly thereafter.
May 14 - Sigmund Doppler is put into a coma by mysterious circumstances.
May 16 - Iron Giarex kills 500 people in Avalon during an joint Avalon Nationalist Party/Arcadian Way rally.
May 18 - Colonel kills Iron Giarex in Sydney to great popular acclaim. Murky accusations about violations of the rules of war end with Colonel's resignation from Repliforce.
May 19 - Sigmund Doppler's life support is deactivated.
May 20 - General Octavius Doppler dies in the defense of Innerpeace, repelling remnant Black SHIELD forces known as "Bastion." General perished at the hands of Sigma-line robot "Omega," who General put down before succumbing to his injuries.
May 21 - Avery Madison pardons Colonel and Iris. Madison also announces she will not seek re-election, throwing the conservative movement into chaos.
May 26 - Avery Madison inaugurates the Star Force, repurposing Repliforce into a more agile defensive force. The Star Force is to be led by Colonel Jack Baryl, former special operative with a mysterious past.
June 1 - Pangaea Park, stocked with dinosaurs cloned from the Ibis Island specimens, is opened in the South Pacific.
June 4 - HeraCorp announces 'Navifacturing,' a method of further automating factories without requiring Reploid labor.
June 16 - Albert Wesker's new biotech startup, xMateria Laboratories, announces the creation of two organisms designed to live on Mars; a special variety of grape vine and a modified goat.
June 20 - Strange storms are noticed across Venus.
June 22 - The Empress Casino and Resort in Macau is struck by a major allied offensive, ending in the death of Miss Millions and the destruction of a large concentration of weaponized "black mold." Along the way, Madeline Stafford and Daryn Luna get married.
July 2 - Nephilim steals the body of Omega from allied custody.
July 12 - The "Hitstarter" website begins funding PMC operations worldwide.
July 15 - The Robot Master facility "Joe Fortress" falls in Cuba. Rumors of a giant monster are not substantiated.
August - Robot rights groups begin a renewed push to end the factory production of Reploids. The cause finds strong support from HeraCorp, but fails to gain traction before election season.
August - Greymalkin Arsenal begins a campaign of raids against Triad holdings across Africa.
August 6 - Nephilim attacks Avalon's industrial district, killing a hundred people and causing generalized damage.
August 15 - The ACG approves the Aberewa anti-aging treatment. Maintaining the treatment regimen will cost patients one million zenny per year, with each treatment costing between 75,000 and 85,000 zenny. Even with its prohibitive price point, TriCell claims to have a lengthy waiting list for treatments shortly after the announcement.
August 25 - xMateria Laboratories develops a modified plankton and krill to seed Mars' oceans. A series of whale sharks and manta rays are released a few weeks later into an artificial reef.
September 7 - Gaia City, a city filled with cutting-edge technology and maintained by the Irregulars, is officially unveiled at the site of old Vancouver in Canada.
September 8 - The 2225 Battle & Chase begins in Disney Universe. The opening ceremony is controversial and seen as an indictment of several parties in the Robot Wars, and is marred by attacks from an unknown hacker.
September 9 - Celia Westwood becomes the second human to ascend Olympus Mons without vehicular assistance.
September 9 - Terrorists attack the Polish teleportation network, but are repelled by allied forces.
September 24 - The terrorist group La Terre attacks a Capcom office in Paris, but are foiled by allied forces.
October 2 - SomethingGlobal returns to great critical complaint.
October 4 - The Bastion organization attacks Disney Universe, causing a great deal of property damage but relatively few deaths. The allies repel Bastion, but tensions rise between the allied forces and Disney.
October 6 - The 2225 Battle & Chase ends.
October 10 - Skull Man kills the assistant communication director to Sec-Gen candidate Gabriel Santos, along with eight other people at a meeting in Gaia City.
October 22 - Prismatic Spider tops the UN's Most Wanted list. Dr. Doppler is removed for the first time in many years.
October 28 - The allies destroy the Bastion organization's base in Helmstedt, followed by several high-profile raids worldwide.
October 29 - Dark Man assassinates Rohana Misra, Sec-Gen candidate, during a speech in Rio. The assassination significantly alters the dynamics of the Sec-Gen race.
November 2 - An interdimensional traveler called Sir Arthur leads a group of warriors to his home world to battle an ancient demon to save Lady Guinevere. There are both ghouls and ghosts.
November 8 - The Martian city of Mu rises out of the Hellas Sea, accompanied by 'Master Albert' and his Robot Meisters. The Robot Meisters are augmented with Stardroid-based technology, making them formidable foes.
November 11 - Oshiro Norio becomes Secretary-General after a close election.
November 11 - San Angeles formally returns to the US, becoming the 49th state.
November 16 - Master Albert briefly steals a portion of Nagasaki, depositing it into subspace.
November 21 - The piece of Nagasaki Master Albert stole reappears on the Australian coast. Humanitarian aid struggles to address the sudden appearance of the land mass.
November 23 - An enclave of Cuban residents declare themselves an independent nation.
November 25 - A mysterious giant robot does battle with the reconstructed Gamma in Neo Tokyo.
November 26 - The yearly Gingerbread Castle begins to be constructed in Cape Town, South Africa.
December - Greymalkin Arsenal all but removes Triad influence from Africa, pushing them onto the Arabian Peninsula before ceasing their pursuit. Africa's criminal underworld slowly reorganizes itself with surprising bloodlessness. Local authorities claim victory over the gangland violence. Greymalkin builds facilities across Africa, and begins recruiting more heavily in the region.
December 12 - Master Albert is defeated by the allied forces in Mu. Shortly after Albert's defeat, he is dragged into subspace by mysterious agents of Robert Taft. Almost all of Master Albert's forces are consumed by Dr. Wily, with only Clock Man's fate indeterminate.


January - Intense storms rage across Venus, seemingly caused by a high volume of asteroid strikes. The bombardments continue throughout most of the year, primarily icy rocks from the Oort Cloud.
January - Robot crime reaches a record low, with the most significant declines taking place in violent crime. The steady downward trend in robot crime continues throughout 2226. Saraband integration is broadly credited with the falling crime rate.
January 01 - The portion of Nagasaki transplanted into Australia begins to be rebuilt. The new "Ascension City" becomes a major beneficiary of United Nations aid.
January 04 - "Mavericks" under the covert direction of Bastion attack Avalon, but are repelled by local security and allied forces.
January 16 - The United Nations Ministry of Health approves the Aberewa life extension treatment for use.
January 20 - The Robot Masters occupy Disney Universe. Fierce guerrilla fighting within the state follows.
January 29 - The Robot Masters are driven out of Disney Universe by the allied forces, and Dr. Wily is captured. As the Robot Masters retreat, Bastion takes over, co-opting the Disney forces to attack the allied powers. Bastion begins pressing north into North America, gaining considerable ground.
February 02 - The leader of Bastion is killed within Disney Universe. The Disney androids are freed from Bastion's control, becoming fully independent for the first time.
February 07 - Cinnamon Labs and Charité Techologie release "Tea Rex," a custom line of teas based on prehistoric plants.
February 11 - The Reploid Reproductive Liberty Act (REPLY) reaches the United Nations Senate. The bill proposes to functionally end factory production of Reploids in favor of a socially integrated boutique model. The legislation is the marquee piece of Secretary-General Oshiro Norio's agenda. It is derisively referred to as "Blakecare" by its opponents, but picks up momentum based on intense lobbying.
February 12 - Sonia Strumm's "Angels and Sirens" debuts at #1 on the Billboard 200.
February 22 - The Contained Aggression Grid Emitter (CAGE) is formally announced. CAGE systems use Dual Avatar-based emitter systems to create defensive forcefields to protect civilian lives and property.
March - Ethnic conflict on the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar heats up, possibly fanned by Chinese intrigue based on its strategic location. Greymalkin Arsenal is called in to restore order, but tensions remain throughout the year.
March 05 - Cuba is liberated from Alecto. Alecto leaves behind a significant humanitarian crisis and earns the enmity of millions.
March 08 - Teresa Magrevich becomes Magrevich Industries' fourth CEO.
March 24 - Arms manufacturer Tiedmann Industries is bought out by Houseman Limited Holdings. The company is restructured as part of a general cleanup of its finances. The firm gradually becomes profitable by the end of 2226. HLH also moves into asteroid mining, purchasing rights formally held by Bastion-held shell companies at fire sale prices.
March 25 - Ciel Mallory announces her intent to more widely distribute military genetic enhancements outside of Champion. The news is greeted with enthusiasm by private military contractors around the world.
March 27 - The first Project Dandelion ship is found by the UNS Seers. The ship's destination was Epsilon Eridani approximately 10.5 light years away. The UNS Seers continues its search afterward.
April 01 - The REPLY Act passes by a narrow majority in the United Nations Senate. The victory for the Oshiro administration was accompanied by significant handouts to the industrial sectors affected by the end of factory-based robot production. The passage of the bill also began a year-long trend of mergers and buyouts as the robotics sector retooled itself to service the existing Reploid population and the boutique production system.
April 22 - A Chinese assault force attacks a Parisian morgue for reasons that remain unclear for years.
April 27 - Mavericks attack Urumqi, capital of the Xinjiang Uyghur region in a messy assault, primarily due to Toxic Seahorse.
April 30 - Alecto attacks Giga City, or so it appears at the time.
May - The storms across Venus reach a furious peak from a nearly non-stop bombardment of icy rocks.
May 02 - Klaus Jord is exonerated in the death of his wife Alma in a controversial case that remains poorly understood for years.
May 18 - Mavericks attack the Echo Ridge prom.
May 23 - Schmitt is beaten nearly to death in Moscow's Solntsevo district by what looks to be the Dread Joker.
May 24 - Magma Man begins a lengthy campaign of aggression against Mexico.
June - The summer protest season kicks off with demonstrations for and against the United Nations' practice of setting bounties on dangerous, difficult-to-capture Mavericks. Many of the protests are later found to be fanned by Nephilim elements, including the use of anarchists to incite violence.
June 10 - Mavericks attack the technical demonstration of CAGE in Fortune City. During the demonstration, Masquerade Peahen, CEO of Good Intentions, was revealed to be a Nephilim financier. Peahen was shot dead by a Greymalkin Arsenal affiliated sniper when her Nephilim involvement was revealed. The attack that followed the shooting was repelled by allied forces with Greymalkin assistance. The speech Kraft makes during the attack, "Dreams," goes viral. CAGE is released as an open source project for individual use thereafter, though enterprise applications are required to pay HLH royalties.
June 11 - The death of Masquerade Peahen, in the context of a string of previous bounty killings of Mavericks, sparks public debate about the role of the United Nations in setting Maverick bounties. The United Nations Senate begins holding hearings about the United Nations Global Security Intelligence Analysis Court (UNGSIAC) to consider reforms.
June 17 - Greymalkin Arsenal increases its commitments in Zanzibar as unrest continues.
June 19 - The Aberewa treatment becomes available on Avalon at Titania Aesthetics, located in its Glastonbury district.
June 21 - A Maverick attack on N1's headquarters in Rio ends with Lumine surrendering into United Nations custody. Showroom Hawk causes millions of zenny of property damage before being run off.
June 22 - The Robot Masters attack the White House. The attack is led by Magma Man in his new "Lord of War" armor mode. The attack is foiled by the allied forces with assistance from Greymalkin Arsenal and other irregular forces.
June 26 - Casey Falcon, alleged white collar criminal linked to Nephilim, is killed en route to her pre-trial hearing by Chinese forces.
July - The Bionic Edge program, a United Nations initiative to create next-generation cybernetics, is founded in Ascension City. Bionic Edge begins its work in September. Tensions rise once again in Zanzibar.
July 6 - Tron Bonne attacks a celebrity gala hosted by Werner von Bluecher on his flagship, the Sulphur-Bottom.
July 8 - Showroom Hawk dies in an attack on the Catacombs nightclub in London intended to kill Luna Platz.
July 16 - Apparent activist "Chin Camel" is shot dead during an anti-Houseman demonstration in Paris. Chin Camel is later found to have been a well-made drone planted by the "Lantern Bearer" movement, but the apparent killing energizes anti-Houseman and anti-expedited court protests for nearly a week.
July 17 - Golden Camel Ventures, a Houseman Limited Holdings company, makes a significant mineral find on 638 Moira, a minor planet in the asteroid belt. The vast find of cobalt and platinum eases pressure on the rare earths market, as do similar finds elsewhere in the belt.
July 22 - The "Lantern Bearer" movement driving much of the anti-expedited court movement is found to be a Maverick front engineering conflict using deception. The information is revealed on the Truthseeker blog.
August 04 - Werner von Bluecher announces his intention to explore Antarctica for possible Martian ruins. The expedition later finds a site called the "Calinca Outpost," which is guarded by a strange Reaver.
September 02 - Grandmaster Meio is captured by an allied ruse, prompting extensive Chinese retaliation.
September 03 - Rock Light unveils Rush Rides, a ride chaser rental service on Mars.
September 08 - Luna Platz's "Lunar Rise" holographic couture line debuts during New York Fashion Week. The holographic couture styles are sold through Soda Bomb! boutiques in Tokyo, New York and Paris, while cloth and thread versions are made available at Macy's, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom.
September 28 - Helene "Leviathan" Sundstrand discovers the location of Lemuria while working with Werner von Bleucher.
September 28 - Grandmaster Meio escapes from United Nations custody in Paris.
October 03 - Lemuria rises from the south Atlantic.
October 08 - Lemuria sinks back into the sea. The collapse of the city is due to an effort by allied forces to keep a Chinese agent believed to be under the control of a Martian computer from using the city to attack the planet.
October 12 - Chinese forces destroy a Maverick space station.
October 30 - Allied forces narrowly prevent Number Man from setting off an EMP in Neo-Tokyo's financial district, averting financial calamity.
November 1 - Darkness briefly saturates the world, radiating out from Moscow. The darkness is dispersed by allied action, leaving behind tens of thousands of destroyed Reaver-like robots. The Chinese are widely blamed for the attack, a charge they deny.
November 5 - The Transparency in Justice Act passes the United Nations Senate. The bill reforms the expedited court system used to set bounties on Mavericks, with an emphasis on transparency of process and appeal.
November 7 - Light Labs announces United Nations approval of a "learning chip" developed by Miranda Stoddard designed to help people learn languages. The chip is made available in December.
November 11 - The Irregular Fast Response Infrastructure Team (IFRIT) is announced. IFRIT's intention is to deploy to areas hit by natural disasters or damaged by warfare, with a focus on reconnecting and repairing damaged infrastructure and life necessities.
November 13 - Christopher "Overclock" Matheson is taken from United Nations custody by a Chinese strike force.
November 15 - Bomb Man founds the Androids Rights Activities organization to lobby for a formal prohibition on android loyalty coding, among other objectives.
December 02 - Ascension City hosts Durandal Matthews' Gingerbread Castle. Junk Man continues to fail to destroy it.
December 23 - The "free state" movements within Burma and Laos announce their intent to make embassies available to global governments in early 2227. The announcement is met with concern and distress by the United Nations.
December 30 - Daryn Luna releases an album, "Where's The New Album," with his usual fanfare.
December 30 - The UN Senate signs the Urban Protection Act into law, creating subsidies for settlements of at least 10,000 people to purchase municipal CAGE systems.


January 31 - The engagement of Prince Kung and Princess Atlas is given formal sanction in China.
February - An exhibit on Makai opens at the Museum of Alternate History in Gaia City.
February 1 - Sonia Strumm is kidnapped by Clock Man, an extradimensional terrorist empowered by the Power Cosmic. A coalition of forces pursue Clock Man through time and space for most of the year.
February 12 - The Robot Masters attack a critical wholesaler of Valentine's Day goods just days before Valentine's Day, creating a crisis for last-minute Valentine's Day shoppers.
March 8 - The Camelot district opens in the Avalon settlement on Mars. Magrevich Industries moves its headquarters to Camelot, being the first megacorp to do so.
March 19 - Ouroboros attacks the Mirror Desert to disrupt electricity production. The Chinese scheme also involves weather control systems, creating heavy cloud cover. The plan is ultimately foiled by allied intervention.
March 21 - An Amp ring in Argentina is broken up by Star Force.
March 24 - Nephilim forces attack xMateria Laboratories on Mars, spilling proprietary information about xMateria's Martian terraforming process onto the Internet. Albert Wesker swears revenge.
May 21 - An extradimensional HYDRA assault team, including an Insight Helicarrier, destroys the CERN campus in Geneva, Switzerland. Auto is critically wounded by Clock Man.
June - Lucifer begins to dim, puzzling UNSA scientists.
June 22 - Shield Shellfish captures the Reploid serial killer Super Freak.
July - Peahen Advancements earns a Joanna Neige Technological Excellence Grant for its Static Nodal Anchor Points (SNAP) 3D fabrication project.
August - The first round of elementary schools built in the aftermath of the Ashford "zombie boom" open for students.
August - The "Luna Platz SuperStar Story," an Internet-based social game, takes the world by storm.
August 3 - Celia Westwood successfully swims the Bering Strait.
October 10 - After a long and difficult campaign, Sonia Strumm is rescued from an alternate reality. Clock Man is destroyed.
October 11 - Lucifer abruptly goes out, reverting to its previous status as Jupiter.
October 26 - Ciel Mallory and Tennessee Ventura introduce Caras Galadhon, a system that uses a rapidly-grown custom-designed plant to create permanent housing out of living organic material.
October 27 - Ken Heisei attempts to assassinate Dr. Wily during a Robot Master-led protest in Chicago. The attempt fails, prompting a riot.
October 28 - Kraft captures Jamabo Balangun, the "Copycat Kraft" serial killer operating in Nigeria.
November 8 - A group of "Predator" aliens attack San Angeles during gang warfare between the Red Men and the Triads. All the aliens are killed except for one, which is taken captive by Nephilim.
December 10 - Notorious terrorist Christopher "Overclock" Matheson is killed in action in his laboratory off the coast of China.

To be continued...