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Timothy Caine
Timothy Caine.jpg
Personal Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Function Rogue Trader
Technical Specifications
Primary .50
Type Physical
Secondary Krav Maga Deconstruction
Type Physical
Buster Colors Red & White
OOC Information
Game Resident Evil
Theme Song

Character Data

"The bottom line is the only thing that matters."


Timothy Caine continues to plague the world with his unique brand of sadism and malevolence. Groomed from a young age to rise through the corporate world, Timothy Caine is known for three achievements. The first achievement in Timothy's life was his rapid rise through Umbrella during the ascendancy of Alexia Ashford. Timothy's second major achievement was surviving Ashford's destruction without being implicated in any of Umbrella's wrong-doing. Even though his complicity in the Raccoon City incident has always been known, the true scale of Timothy's wickedness has only come to light recently. Timothy would say that his third major achievement was his alliance with Sergei Vladimir, made early in his time in Umbrella, finally bearing fruit with the rise of the Ouroboros army. Timothy believes that now little can stand in the way of his plans to use his service in Ouroboros to achieve unimaginable wealth and power. An above-average military strategist, Timothy is often defeated when his pride, his misogyny, or a combination of both causes him to go off-strategy into classic villainous boasting and monologuing. Despite his abilities on the battlefield within his power armor, Timothy is not well-liked by his subordinates, and can find himself isolated on the battlefield without support if he has been particularly noxious.


Business Administration, Human Resources Management, Logic, Military Science, Military Strategy, Languages (English, Spanish, French), Heavy Weapons, Martial Arts (Krav Maga), Small Arms, Squad Tactics, Urban Combat, Wargaming, Taking Decisive Action, Likes Stress, Catbert Lives In Fear Of Him





  • 2225-02-04: The Fall of Umbrella - Albert Wesker decides that Umbrella's usefulness to him is ended.

Cut Scenes