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Toad Man
Toad Man.png
Personal Information
Race Android
Gender Male
Faction Robot Masters
Function Ecological Warfare
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Ecological Warfare
Secondary Specialty Terrorism
Weapons SAM Launcher, Acid Slime
Primary Rain Flush
Type Corrosive
Secondary Toad Slap
Type Physical
Buster Colors Green & White
OOC Information
Game Megaman 4
Theme Song

Character Data

"To flee is no vice, to fight is not virtue!"


Toad Man is, and always will be, the biggest coward under Dr. Wily's command. He's raised whining and bitching to a sarcastic art form unrivaled by any of his contemporaries and hes ditched groveling and currying favor long ago. He will never fight, directly, unless threatened by dire consequences, and will always flee given the first opportunity, but he always holds a grudge. Cocky and arrogant, whenever he's not actually confronted., he uses his wide variety of talents at espionage, chemical warfare and manipulation with amazing skill and subtlety to exact fitting revenge. He's covered with a nauseating, stinking, slimy, acidic lubricant goo which seeps from unnoticeable nozzles all over his body. For his part he's most at peace scheming unnoticed in the toxic environments he prefers. His main weapon, the Rain Flush, a custom SAM launching system in his back which launches toxic rain, cloud seeding missiles which release a torrential downpour of highly caustic sludge. He can also aim these at a single target, the exploding missile releasing the concentrated chemicals on a single target. Due to his repulsive nature and his friend or foe weapons systems, he is hardly popular among the other Masters. He is notoriously unreliable, often finding loopholes in his orders to obey them in 'spirit' but no in the letter, and the slime on his body can crust in the nozzles under extreme heat often causing his joints to seize up.


Ribbiting, Running Away!, Toadying, Oozing Slime From Joints, Croaking, Cowardice, Knowledge: Swamps, Belly-Dancing




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