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Tong Pooh
The Green One
The Green One
Personal Information
Race Human
Gender Female
Faction Unified Army
Function Maiden of the East Wind
Technical Specifications
Primary East Wind Rinkaku
Type Blade
Secondary Typhoon Leap
Type Blade
Buster Colors Green & White
OOC Information
Game Strider 2
Theme Song

Character Data

"If one can overcome one's self, then one can overcome anything."


Tong Pooh is the greatest of her sisters. An intense, driven Strider, her natural leadership skills have put her on a rising trajectory within Ouroboros. Haunted by the stigma of being a "mere clone" of Xianghua Xue, Tong Pooh drives herself as hard as she can physically bear to purge herself of whatever she imagines to be a weakness. Tong Pooh demands perfection from herself and her peers, but is never satisfied with her own performance. Cold and aloof, Tong Pooh nevertheless takes care of her sisters and any other underlings she accumulates as scarce resources. She may not be loved, but Tong Pooh is readily respected for her competence and professionalism.





Cut Scenes


Group Shot.
Young Ton Pooh.