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Tornado Man
Tornado Man.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Florence. Nah, just kidding it's Tornado Man
Code Name Not Harpuia or Aeolus (Thanks Very Much)
Race Android
Gender Male
Birth Date Wily Jail Breaker
Serial Number DRN O66
Faction Robot Masters
Function Weather Control
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Tornado Manipulation
Secondary Specialty Leadership (And Not Ramming Into Things)
Weapons High velocity winds, weather conditions.
Primary Tornado Blow
Type Force
Secondary Tornado Rise
Type Force
Buster Colors Green & White
OOC Information
Game Megaman 9
Theme Song

Character Data

"Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm."


Tornado Man is a thoughtful robot whose efforts to be taken seriously are regularly foiled by his appearance. Honorable and polite, Tornado Man is commonly believed to be similar to the deceased Sage Harpuia, Aeolus or his brother Swallow Man because he looks like, and has similar powers as, those individuals. In truth, Tornado Man prefers peace and quiet rather than recognition and acclaim, dislikes running into things, and finds treachery to be appalling. A weather controller, Tornado Man is regularly tasked with adjusting local conditions to assist in the various schemes of Dr. Wily. His specialty is violent wind storms capable of causing considerable property damage. Because of his level-headed demeanor and honesty, Tornado Man tends to be given authority over his brothers, which gives Tornado Man no end of headaches. Tornado Man often clashes with Magma Man due to the latter's desire to destroy everything, whereas Tornado Man prefers to preserve things for Wily's ultimate rule over the world (when possible).


Weather Control, Wind Storms, Not Starscream, Not Crazy, Rational And Civilized, Long Term Planner, Prefers To Float In A Dignified Manner, Can Herd Cats, Bargain Hunter




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