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Tornado Onion
Tornado Onion.jpg
Personal Information
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Faction Grave
Function Chemical Warfare/Team Mascot
Assignment Reserve Marines
Technical Specifications
Primary Volt Tornado
Type Electric Force
Secondary Shock Cyclone
Type Electric Force
OOC Information
Game Megaman X7
Theme Song

Character Data

"Tee-hee... let's go for a spin!"


Freewheeling, slightly loopy, and prone to dancing, most people dismiss Tornado Onion as a mere mascot, the friend of a friend who's allowed to tag along so that the rest of the group can look good. In some ways, this is true, but the jester's role is one that Tornado willingly plays, letting his hyperactive and foolhardy attitude mislead others into letting their guard down. An expert at making chemical weapons, Tornado's an effective member of the team, his chemical concoctions sometimes playing a key role in the team's success. That he's boisterous and likes to dance is simply a facet of his personality... he's the comic relief, and he relishes the role, perhaps as a counterbalance to the dangerous chemical work he has to do.


Spinning In Circles And Not Getting Dizzy, Keen Sense Of Smell (If Only He Didn't Stink), Playful, But Able To Get The Job Done, Extravagant, Funny, But Not That Way, Cries When He Cooks


To be added when apped.


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  • 2218-08-30: Paradise Lost - Gate goes Maverick -- and tries to take all his children with him.
  • 2220-12-18: The Second Battle of Sri Lanka - After Gospel conquers the pirate stronghold of Sri Lanka, Repliforce decides to kill them and then make fun of them about it because... reasons.