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Toxic Seahorse
Toxic Seahorse.jpg
Personal Information
Race Reploid
Gender Female
Birth Date July 18th, 2207
Serial Number US M#0009183
Faction QUILL
Function Biochemical Heroism
Assignment Don't Pollute - Much
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Chemical Assault
Secondary Specialty Infiltration via Plumbing
Weapons Corrosive Chemicals, Overpowering Odors
Primary Acid Burst
Type Corrosive
Secondary Acid Splash
Type Corrosive
OOC Information
Game Megaman X3
Theme Song Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - Bad Reputation

Character Data

"Disgusting ain't a condition, it's a way of life."


Toxic Seahourse is a foul creature, and that's just how she likes to be perceived. Feeling that the world is run by pretty faces and flowery words with no real substance behind them, Toxic Seahorse is of the belief that one should be judged for their actions, not their outward appearance. She even rarely undergoes basic maintenance, allowing acids to leak and sizzle from her body while her creaky joints make the most grating noises imaginable. A frequent participant in a number of counter-culture demonstrations, she is so obnoxious in public gatherings that even the world's television stations go to great lengths not to put her on the air. To her, Nephilim seemed the ultimate in counter-culture, leading her to sign on at once. Created to utilize a mimetic polyalloy in order to fit through spaces tighter than a normal reploid could fit through, she suffers from the downsides of her form as well as the benefits, sometimes her various parts do not reform correctly due to neglecting care for herself. She also has great difficulty in making friends due to her outspoken lifestyle, but once befriended she's steadfast and loyal... if not the kind of person you'd bring home to meet your parents.


Lack Of Personal Hygiene, Bad Manners, Bane Of All Censors, No Taste Does Not Adequately Describe It, Polluting (Of All Kinds), Bypassing Jiffy Lube Every 3000 Miles, About As Real As It Gets, Juggalette?