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Tretista Kelverian
Tretista Kelverian.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Theophylaktos Panoptes
Code Name Tretista Kelverian
Race E-Human
Gender Male
Creator/s Dr. Weil & Alexia Ashford
Death March 2221?
Faction Presumed Dead
Divisions Neo Arcadia
Function Judge
Technical Specifications
Primary Gale Attack
Type Blade Energy
OOC Information
Game Megaman Zero 3
Theme Song

Character Data

"I am the guard dog of Hades!"


Theophylaktos "Theo" Panoptes was a UN magistrate serving with distinction in Greece. His strong belief in the rule of law was the center of his life, earning him the nickname "Cerebrus" for his dogged pursuit of wrongdoers. Theo's faith was challenged when the United Nations was revealed not to be the force for good he had always believed it to be. After the collapse of the Houseman administration and the fracture of the United Nations, insult was added to injury when he was laid off from his position due to the reduced need for magistrates in the new, smaller UN. Frustrated and angry, Theo became a vigilante, doing battle against criminals across southern Europe in an effort to restore justice to a lawless Europe. Eventually Theo grew tired of going it alone, and went to Dr. Weil's settlement to seek other like-minded people. He was "volunteered" into the upgrade program after he started to look too closely into Weil's operations, and came out a new man on the other side. Theo believes that Dr. Weil can restore justice and order to the world, and one day may even be able to restore life to those places that have been scalded clean with the help of his benefactor. The Tretista Kelverian armor is the largest of Weil's creations, and taxes Theo's mind to control; he becomes much less intelligent while piloting it as a result.


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