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Tron Bonne
Tron with #3 and #19
Tron with #3 and #19
Personal Information
Real Name Tron Bonne
Code Name Miss Tron
Race Human
Gender Female
Creator/s The Bonne Family
Birth Date Private
Serial Number DELETED
Faction Unified Army
Divisions Water
Function Rip-off Princess
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Robotic Engineering
Secondary Specialty Grand Theft Anything
Weapons Wrenches and Servbots
Primary Lunch Rush
Type Physical
Secondary Medical Servbot
Type Physical
Buster Colors Pink & Black
OOC Information
Game Megaman Legends
Voice Actor Tara Platt
Theme Song Flutter v. Gesellschaft

Character Data

"Just Because we're pirates doesn't mean we're common crooks!"


One of the scions of the infamous Bonne pirate family, Tron Bonne is the middle child with the big brain and an equally big love of her family. An early career of family banditry led Tron and her siblings into the employ of one Dr. Wily, and also led Tron into her love of robotics. After a falling out with Wily, the Bonne family joined up with the Grandmaster and Ouroboros and have remained in a holding pattern ever since. Years of work, theft, and care for her biological family and her extended Servbot family have forced her to grow up a little. It also forced her to stay a little crazy. She still loves to steal everything in a town to blow off steam, but Tron has bigger dreams to unleash on the world.


Junkyard Scientist, Mayor of Legolopolis, It's Called 'Enhanced Interrogation', Good At Yelling, Curry Rice Again!?, Stupid Dog!, Gimme That Siren!, Launch The Gustaff!


In the 23rd century, the Bonne family was in dire straits. An incident involving a short sale gone horribly wrong left Teisel, Tron, and newborn Bonne parentless and nearly penniless. The once-mighty pirate family had to start at the bottom again, with Teisel and Tron doing odd jobs for whatever gang would have them. Thankfully for them, Teisel had the mad strategic mind of a kid whose ego wouldn't let him lose, and Tron had the technical know how to fix up her brothers' equipment when they eventually did lose.

Eventually, their reputation as scrappy outsiders brought them to the attention of a gang associated with the infamous Dr. Wily. One rather dangerous tryout later, and the Bonne family found themselves working for the mad Doctor directly. Things were going good. Teisel was able to go after the motherlodes he heard so much about, Bon was nice and safe when he wasn't helping her brother, and Tron got to exercise her scientific muscles and learn the joy of robotics all over again.

Things changed quite a bit when the Bonne luck struck again. This time, though, it happened at the worst possible time, as Teisel and Bon were ambushed in Miss Millions-controlled Las Vegas. Teisel got out. Bon didn't. Almost immediately, Tron and started working to get their little brother back. The solution ended up being Teisel with a frontal assault, while Tron had a new creation to sneak in and get young Bon back. Her new Servbot did the job, and they managed to get back to safe territory before they faced the wrath of an immortal. Even still, it was the beginning of the end for Tron's time with Wily and the Masters.

Tron will swear up and down that she and the others left the Masters on their own, that they needed to spread their own wings, and they knew by Wily's lack of support that they would never be part of the family. But that's not really true. Instead, Wily saw the Servbot, and saw Tron was developing her own loyalty programming and a power base separate from his own. And the Masters saw something new that was not of Wily. The decision was made: The Bonnes were out, and preferably out on slabs. If it weren't for Servbots #1 and #2, they probably wouldn't have made it out of Africa and back into a wandering period.

At least this time, they were prepared to act as independent contractors, looting and stealing their way around the world to survive from their borrowed airship, the Gemeinschaft. Of course, with a name and a reputation of the Bonnes, they didn't stay independent that long. They got some job offers, to get something really big, really dangerous, and really held by the Masters. They got it. Eventually. And with substantial Servbot support.

The Bonnes figured out it was for China's secret masters. The agents who hired the pirate family made that obvious enough. As did the second through fifth jobs, each more dangerous than the last. They kept coming back, and soon enough they got an offer to be privateers for China exclusively. After another couple jobs, they even decided to take it.

Today, Tron and the other Bonnes get their marching orders from Ouroboros. They do their piracy under a flag as desired, and under cover when necessary. Of course, the Bonne name and nobility doesn't mean much in the Grandmaster's China - not when Tron doesn't have a Strider protein in her whole body. For a while, Tron has been trying to keep herself busy with fun stuff, like stealing, absurd bots, and Servbot-related havoc. But she's finally starting to grow up, and she doesn't want to end up the science hedonist for the rest of her life. She wants to dream bigger, do bigger. Be a real Bonne again, not just a wandering pirate. And hopefully, not inadvertently bite the hand that feeds her this time.



  • 2220-07-14: Candlejack - When Candlejack e-kidnaps Dr. Light, can our hero hackers save him befor
  • 2220-12-18: The Second Battle of Sri Lanka - After Gospel conquers the pirate stronghold of Sri Lanka, Repliforce decides to kill them and then make fun of them about it because... reasons.
  • 2228-01-12: THE NEMMIES - Villains come together.
  • 2228-08-14: Contingencies - Tron has important long-term plans.

Cut Scenes


Tron's look has changed a bit from its original self:

Tron Bonne, commissioned from TronBonneArt
Tron on more formal occasions - taken from Onimusha Soul