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Turbo Man
Turbo Man.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Turbo man Wily
Code Name Mysterious Racer, The Blur, Metal Pomp
Race Android
Gender Male
Birth Date July 5th, 2201
Serial Number DWN 56
Faction Robot Masters
Function Cavalier
Assignment Aid Junk Man
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Vehicular Combat
Secondary Specialty Thermal Power
Weapons Fire-based combustion attacks; ramming attacks in car mode.
Primary Scorch Wheel
Type Fire
Secondary Turbo Ram
Type Physical
Buster Colors Red & Gray
OOC Information
Game Megaman 7
Theme Song

Character Data

"If you're not living in the thick of action, you're not living."


Turbo Man considers himself the undisputed king of all roads and highways, calling the great asphalt stretches his home. Confident and self assured, Turbo projects a cool attitude despite his rebellious nature. He always seems to be calm in any situation, never letting his emotions put a damper on his image. He rejects any authority but his father's, and even then he's known to leave home base for a few days to go driving and look for the next thrill. A racing fanatic, Turbo Man loves to pull off dangerous tricks in his car form, a shape-changing ability that's rare among Masters. When the odds are tough, though, Turbo isn't afraid to play dirty to win. His love of car extends to fixing and modifying existing cars to get them running again, in between picking fights with the local police and hanging out with his brothers. His car mode can go from 0 to 300 mph in 3 seconds and bears an armored front for ramming, and in his robot mode he can manipulate flames and heat up his own body to attack. His most powerful attack is the Scorch Wheel, a circle of fire. Turbo's fine tuned body, designed for high speed, is susceptible to sonic attacks, leaving him in pieces if exposed for too long. His cavalier attitude can sometimes get him into situations where others cant help him in time.


Street Racing, Professional Racing, Stunt Driving, Body Work, Oil Guzzling, Never Drinking While Driving, Killer Shades, Outwitting The Cops, Mastering The Drift, Enemy To All Preps




  • 2225-04-03: Rock Your World - Rock gets a robot master factory blown up by just standing inside of it.

Cut Scenes