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Marissa Ronson
Personal Information
Real Name Marissa Ronson
Code Name Tweed
Race Champion
Gender Female
Faction Unified Army
Divisions Champion
Function Echo Six - Heavy Weapons
Technical Specifications
Primary The Oppression Inherent To The System
Type Explosive
Secondary Happiness Is A Warm Gun
Type Blade
OOC Information
Game Operation Raccoon City
Voice Actor Tess Masters
Theme Song

Character Data

"You know what's the one thing better than peace and quiet, love? The sound of a good explosion."


Marissa "Tweed" Ronson keeps a stiff upper lip. Rather than being content to live off inheritance and investments, Marissa left a life of luxury in the British aristocracy to join the Special Intelligence Service (SIS). Marissa served with distinction as an ordinance expert until an accident during a bomb disposal ended with a well-compensated medical discharge. Marissa was dissatisfied with a quiet, comfortable retirement and sought further adventure by enlisting in the UN armed forces. From there she was swiftly recruited by the American government through an exchange program and brought on board as Echo Six's heavy weapons expert. Tweed's high class upbringing has given her an immense sense of pride and a sharp tongue which sometimes puts her at odds with some of her teammates.


Demolitions, Money: The Original Superpower, Knows Which Fork To Use, Trying To Civilize Party Girl Unsuccessfully, Dosh!!!




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