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Umbra Phantom
Umbra Phantom.png
Personal Information
Race E-Human
Gender Male
Faction Neo Arcadia
Divisions Intelligence
Function Assassin
Technical Specifications
Primary Black Death Strike
Type Blade
Buster Colors Midnight Blue & White
OOC Information
Game Megaman Zero
Theme Song

Character Data

"There are powers far greater than any technology."


Mikage Shin was the second heir to the powerful Mikage Yakuza family. Never intended to become the leader of the family, Shin was trained as an assassin to be used by his brother, the intended heir, as an enforcer. When Shin's brother was killed, he fled to San Angeles to wait out the internal power struggle. Seeing that the world had fundamentally changed, Shin chose to ally himself with the ascendant Neo Arcadia to become powerful enough to retake his position when the time was right. Cold and distant, Shin was a deeply troubled young man who could never find the inner peace he always sought. In the end, Shin succumbed to his own self-destructive tendencies, becoming an instrument of the Professor to purge the remnants of Neo Arcadia. Destroyed by his own comrades, Shin may have finally found that peace in death. His scarf is now worn by the Aesir Siarnaq.


Cut Scenes