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Personal Information
Race E-Human
Gender Male
Faction Versus
Function The Prince-Consort's Hand
Technical Specifications
Primary Ten Thousand Kunai
Type Blade
Secondary Copy Jab
Type Physical
Buster Colors Green & Purple
OOC Information
Game Megaman ZX
Voice Actor Maile Flanagan
Theme Song

Character Data

"I will fight for what I believe in!"


Vent is a high-spirited young man addicted to the fast life. A genetically engineered superhuman, or "Mega Man," Ouroboros developed Vent to be a carrier of the converged data of Model H and Model P, along with numerous other Biometal samples. Like Aile, Vent was raised separately from his four older siblings, spending far longer in intensive training to prepare him to be the instrument of the eventual Prince-Consort. Since no one knew who that would be for many years, the Grandmaster encouraged Vent to push himself hard to prepare for anything. Hotheaded and mercurial, Vent took to the Air Arts to be able to pull off increasingly dangerous parkour stunts. He is one of the fastest human beings in recorded history and loves to fly. Vent's kinetic nature also manifests in his study of computer science, as he considers every other Strider hacker a rival. A gregarious extravert, Vent speaks his mind without fear of consequences. Vent likes to showboat, and will sometimes use holography for mischief. His grounded sister Aile often exasperates him, but he loves her in spite of her conservatism.


Languages (Chinese, English, Russian, Hindi, l33t), Parkour, Track And Field, Computer Science (The Super Hax), Martial Arts (Air Style, Swording, German Ninjutsu), Holography (Logs, Extra Bodies, Sweet Clothes), We Own The Sky, I Own This Network, Homura's End Boss, Expanding Possibilities (Of Owning Your Face), Rainbow Dash x2




Cut Scenes