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Monster Master
Carzy Maddness
Carzy Maddness
Personal Information
Real Name Victor Prendick Clamp
Code Name Dr. Victor Prendick Clamp
Race Human
Gender Male
Birth Date February 15th, 2197
Faction Grave
Divisions Operations
Function Kaijusmith
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Genetic Engineering
Secondary Specialty Pharmaceuticals, Explosives, Wrangling
Weapons Creativity, Hard Work, An Absolute Lack of Ethics
Primary Sonic Bomb
Type Sonic
Secondary So Tasty
Type Water
Buster Colors Dark Red and Off-White
OOC Information
Game Monster Hunter
Voice Actor Cory Michael Smith
Theme Song Nine Inch Nails - 21 - Ghosts III

Character Data

"Don't you think this world's a little too... safe?"


Victor Prendick Clamp was born in poverty on the American east coast, dragged himself to a doctorate in genetic engineering from Texas A&M on sheer grit and hard work, and then vanished, generally disliked and unmissed. In reality, the Texas government discovered that he had been creating entirely illegal monstrosities in a lab hidden in the isolated plains of east Texas. His doctorate revoked, Victor eluded capture and was picked up by an organization even shadier than he is. Victor Clamp has an enormous chip on his shoulder, bitter toward the world for everything he never had and everything taken away from him, and wants to take it out on the world through his creations under the self-delusion that he's going to make the world a stronger place. Disrespectful and snotty at anyone he sees as oppressing him while meek and ingratiating to anyone he thinks can give him something, Victor is a generally unpleasant excuse for a human, but hey. Maybe he just needs one good break.


Not A Doctor, Genetic Engineering (Doctorate), Pharmaceuticals (Dangerous), Explosives (Hobbyist), Languages (English, Spanish, Texan), Monster Wrangling, Escape Artist, Pheromone Expert, Blaming The Past, Blaming Circumstances, Blaming Parents, Blaming Others, Self-Delusion (SS-Rank)



Victor Clamp was born in poverty in Rhode Island to teenaged parents incapable of providing a stable life. The Clamps were forced to move up and down the eastern seaboard as they burned the credit of good samaritans, occasionally to avoid warrants. This resulted in Victor living the life of a constant victim, subject to frequent bullying as the new, too-tall poor kid who always stuck out like a sore thumb.

His family finally landed in a small town in West Virginia with a good church charity program when he was in high school, and he promptly channelled all of his rage and bitterness into his studies out of sheer spite for those around him, clawing his way into genius through sheer force of angry will. He was named valedictorian and secured a scholarship to Texas A&M's genetics program.

The First Monster

In 2226, Victor Clamp was awarded a doctorate in genetic engineering with dual minors in ecological studies and pharmaceutical development and stayed on as a genetics teacher, pushing grant money around to set up a black site off-campus where he continues the illegal genetics research he'd started as a student, seeking a way to change the world.

The next year, the Texas government discovered his laboratory, and quietly revoked his doctorate, sending a team of thick necks to black-bag him. While they successfully seized him, his first creation, a Great Jaggi broke free of its confinement, killing the team before dying of many, many gunshot wounds. Victor Clamp vanished into the underworld, more bitter toward the world than he ever had been, plummeting into something very close to madness as he escaped into Mexico.

It was there that Victor received a letter despite having no address inviting him to conference. Unbearably curious, the conference turned out to be a recruitment into the ranks of the Nebula Syndicate's shadowy Grave syndicate, promising him unlimited resources and leeway in exchange for absolute loyalty. He agreed enthusiastically.

The New Nature

Arc 1: Jungle of Nightmares

Intermission: Punished Victor

Arc 2: Welcome to Moga Island

Arc 3: Rise of the Elder Dragons

Arc 4: Project "F"

List of Creations


Theropod Bird Wyvern

Bird Wyvern

Flying Wyvern

  • Khezu, the Light in the Dark (****)
  • Rathalos, the Fire Wyvern (*****)
  • Rathian, the Fire Wyvern (****)

Pseudo Wyvern

  • Tigrex, the Roaring Wyvern (*****)

Snake Wyvern






  • Gobul, the Lantern Fish Wyvern (***)
  • Ludroth (**)
  • Lagiacrus, the Sea Wyvern (???)





  • Victor's lips were once stained an unhealthy bright green due to an over-dependency on Psychoserum, a designer drug he created that provides improved eyesight, hearing, and enhanced mental clarity. His incarceration forced him to detoxify, and while he still abuses the drug for periods of long work, he is no longer dependent upon it for function. His lips remain permanently stained a pale green, but the coloration is more subtle.
  • Victor's stammering, mumbling, and prevaricating are not a natural speech impediment, but a habit developed through the course of his childhood in an attempt to appear less intelligent, and therefore less threatening. The habit was maintained for so long that it became unconscious, and has since morphed into something that comes out when Victor is excited or incensed.
  • Victor's natural hair color is a dark red brown. He started dyeing it halfway through high school to reinforce his own outcast status in an attempt to keep people away from him in general.
  • Victor adheres to the Uberman Sleep Schedule, preferentially taking six equidistant 20-minute naps through the day in lieu of an eight-hour sleep. Those adept at math may notice that this explains part of why he's so... Victor. Each 'segment' of his day is dedicated to specific tasks, and he gets irritable when the sequence is broken without a good reason (his girlfriend counts as a good reason).
    • Segment 1: Physical fitness. Combat drills. LynianCorp-related paperwork.
    • Segment 2: Working, focusing on floral/pharmaceutical research.
    • Segment 3: Researching, studying, and keeping up with academia.
    • Segment 4: Working, focusing on his primary projects.
    • Segment 5: Grooming. Victor has an oddly compulsory dislike of his own body hair and fingernails, and strives to keep himself hairless and his nails closely clipped so the horrible things he works with don't get under them.
    • Segment 6: Working, focusing on side projects and collaborations.


  • 2228-03-05: Sneak Peek - Curious about her new associate, Mach Thi Tien tracks down "Doctor" Victor Clamp's secret South American lab, eager to make friends. Her presence is... unexpected.
  • 2228-03-07: Rank 1 Hunt - "Doctor" Victor Clamp invites Chariot out for a lovely evening full of good conversation and bracing exercise.
  • 2228-03-18: Jungle of Nightmares - Cerisier and her intrepid team of scientists/mysterious heroes/a cat venture into the Amazon Basin in search of the source of the ecological disruption. They find it.
  • 2228-04-04: The Boss Visits - Gemini Man unexpectedly drops into "Doctor" Victor Clamp's lab, much to his abject terror.
  • 2228-04-11: A Civil Discussion - Cerisier and Noire attempt to reason with Victor Clamp before the monster hunt begins in earnest.
  • 2228-04-25: The Blue Bandit - Light Labs goes bear-hunting and experiences kuma shock! Will pills and blood magic be enough to win the day?
  • 2228-07-25: The 69th Annual Wily Hour - The Robot Masters are at it again with the hard-hitting social commentary. Sonia Strumm has some of her own grievances to air.
  • 2229-05-14: The Wizard's Keep - Eager for treasure to stock their dungeon with, Grave picks a fight with Laird Macdugan, a reclusive wizard in the hills near their Mystaran base of operations.
  • 2229-05-24: From Vietnam with Love - Tien invited Versus into a deathtrap. Will they risk DEATH or will they risk avoiding a party??
  • 2229-12-06: Diving into the Black Hole - Kelvin visits Victor while he is in jail; It goes as well as you'd expect.
  • 2230-04-18: Pyroline Opening Night - Pyroline opens her new BINGO BOXING establishment. Reiz and Void think it's just a casino. Aurora fights a samurai. Ryan Knight gets hit on.
  • 2230-05-01: Applied Necromancy And You - Gate teaches us about Biometals. A few AWESOME IDEAS are brainstormed.
  • 2230-06-08: To What End - The Fourth Empire's operations on Klondike are rapidly escalating. It's time to strike the most important military facility on the planet to find out what they're doing: The bar at the spaceport. This time, the allies get some unexpected good fortune to help them along.
  • 2230-06-26: Zanzibar Land - Moondyne Mouse releases a revived Nuclear Roach to go see Kraft. Mayhem ensues.
  • 2230-08-10: The Battle For Zeta - Part 1 - The forces of Omega head towards the final confrontation with Emperor Bilstein - but first must deal with Catherine Rain.
  • 2230-08-11: The Battle For Zeta - Part 2 - The final confrontation between Emperor Bilstein and the forces of Omega.
  • 2230-10-31: Villainous Halloween Party - Luna Platz throws a halloween party for Grave and friends!
  • 2231-02-15: A Non-Sequitur Attack - Morrigan's alleged mansion in Scotland is set upon by a bunch of space hooligans for unclear reasons.
  • 2231-02-28: American Exceptionalism - Over the protests of the Canadian government, another American strike team shows up to investigate a Versus-owned facility freshly moved to Windsor, Ontario. There's not even the pretense that it won't get out of control this time.
  • 2231-06-05: The Mike Bison Mysteries - Luna takes her Grave friends back in time to try to locate Mike Bison. (Also Feat. The Return of the Kavinsky.)
  • 2231-07-14: Summerfest Conspiracy - Lured by the scent of deep-fried cheese and the sound of folk music, the allies are lead further into a path of intrigue. If you're kicked out of the fair it's definitely a conspiracy. Brought to you by Grave, who is also welcome to intervene. Wear sunscreen.
  • 2231-07-14: Agent Orange - The government gets involved in the coverup in the past.


  • 2228-08-16: Cribbing Notes - Victor Clamp learns that Versus has beaten him to one particular punch. He takes this news poorly.
  • 2229-12-29: Willpower - In deciding it's time to leave, Victor Clamp galvanizes himself to do what he must.
  • 2230-01-04: New Prey, New Predators - Finally free from prison, Victor Clamp makes a rare visit to the LynianCorp offices to meet with his Chief Researcher. They have a great deal of work to do.
  • 2231-09-05: Progress From Defeat - Victor Clamp learns of the antidote to the Deviance Trigger. He takes it poorly.