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Video Man
Video Man.jpg
Personal Information
Race Android
Gender Male
Birth Date April 8, 2221
Faction Grave
Function Action Replay
Assignment UNS Colossus
Technical Specifications
Primary Video Pause
Type Energy
Secondary Beyond The Time Barrier
Type Energy
Buster Colors Green & Black
OOC Information
Game Megaman Battle Network 4
Voice Actor Max Headroom
Theme Song Limelight - Rush

Character Data

"Let's see that again."


Video Man was designed to be another experiment in timestopper technology by Doctor Wily and Leonard Regal. He also served as their publicist and media master - but his close work with the organization called Grave led to split loyalties. When he questioned Doctor Wily's plans one too many times, he was cast out. Video Man has embraced his life outside the Masters, developing his time control abilities far beyond what was originally planned, as well as turning his formidable knowledge of the world's media and television towards spying. Video Man serves as a productive member of N1 even as he works to further the goals of his new, shadowy masters. His grasp of morality (and some aspects of reality) is poor, thanks to constant thinking in cinematic terms. He's happy to be the villain so long as he has style, but has never really grasped that people he doesn't know the names of count as people. Video Man's work is often hampered by the fact that he is often something of a coward.


Style IS Substance, I Am The Media, Time Is My Bitch, I Don't Know My Own Limits, I Don't Like Getting Shot, The Man Behind The Hologram, The Crowd Loves Me, That's Not A Person - That's An Extra, Exceeding Parental Expectations, I Have Four Daddies, He Has Already Become The Problem, And He Was The Solution, For All The Yet That Has Already Been