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Personal Information
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Faction Blackguard
Function Monster
Technical Specifications
Primary Vile Cannon
Type Fire
Secondary Hot Electric Death
Type Electric
Buster Colors Purple and Gold
OOC Information
Game Megaman X
Theme Song

Character Data

"I am your future. It is brief."


Vile is an irredeemable villain who desires only to spread terror and destruction. A veteran soldier, Vile was once known as "Vava", the third in command of Repliforce. Driven by jealousy and resentment of his Repliforce colleagues after the defeat of Sigma, Vile released Sigma and his Mavericks and fanned the flames of Sigma's war against humanity for years. The worst excesses of the Maverick Empire can all be traced back to Vile's own efforts to make the world as horrible as possible. When the Mavericks collapsed, Vile affiliated himself with the Blackguard cause to further spread death and fear, but was killed by Dr. Cossack during the waning weeks of the Ragnarok event. Resurrected by Gate on Lumine's behalf, Vile continued to rain fire and mayhem across the world before being killed on Able 2. Now reconstructed by the FMians, Vile now seeks to finish the job the Mavericks failed to achieve -- and this time, he seems capable of seeing it through. Merged into the Goliath, the God General Vile seems nearly unstoppable. Sadistic, uncaring and entirely focused on his own selfish desires, Vile's time between outbursts of violence is often spent developing new ways to kill large numbers of people; human or robot.


Heavy Weapons, Military Science, Military Strategy, Ride Armor Piloting, Small Arms, Squad Tactics, Destruction, Chaos, Mayhem, Fury, Rage, Dialogue Is Something Other People Do, Nasty, Brutal And Short, The Butcher, Complete Monster, Enemy To All Living Things, Omnicidal Maniac, As Long As There Is Evil...


  • 2213-05-28: Anthem's Worst Date - Anthem purposely gets herself set up on a blind date with Seminole to spur Vile's jealousy. Then she finds out Seminole's her brother - right as Vile arrives to kill him.
  • 2214-02-13: The Siege of Repliforce Island - Rock leads the Hunters into a tragic battle with the disavowed Repliforce. The body count rises...
  • 2214-03-17: Repliforce Officer's Brawl - During the Battle & Chase games, Vile informs Anthem that he's killed her brother. She goes on a rampage to kill him - and when Colonel steps in to prevent her likely suicide? A street brawl erupts.

Cut Scenes