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Personal Information
Real Name Violen
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Faction Mavericks
Divisions X-Hunters
Function Heavy Assault
Technical Specifications
Primary Musical Mace
Type Physical Sonic
OOC Information
Game Megaman X2
Theme Song

Character Data

"Great pain spawns great symphonies."


The muscle of the X-Hunters, Violen relishes combat, though not for the most conventional reasons. His Musical Mace emits a different note depending on the angle and force of the impact, and he loves creating new symphonies' by pummeling his opponents in various ways. Surprisingly fast on his feet despite his bulk, but somewhat lacking in common sense and control. Violen often comes to bizarre reasoning conclusions as a result. While he nearly always takes the direct, simple approach, his fierce determination and stubborn ways serve him well. Often prone to violent outbursts after long periods of inactivity, and can only be calmed by music. Because of his hatred for cacophonous sounds, a note caused by a faulty swing of his mace often makes angry, causing him to lose his composure and become less precise with his attacks. Violen can also be fooled by smarter foes.


Close combat, Being rude, Pissing people off, Creating music by hitting things, Not needing a plan, Making humans go squish, Secretly liking opera, Having no common sense, Being an idiot, Hitting people who say he's being an idiot.


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