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Personal Information
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Creator/s Unknown.
Creation Date 2205(Mind), 2212(Body), 2225(Heart), 2230(Soul)
Faction Versus
Function Seeker of Power
Technical Specifications
Primary Set Destiny Ablaze
Type Energy
Secondary Watch The World Burn
Type Energy
Buster Colors Black & Indigo Blue
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Theme Song Nightcore - Demons (Imagine Dragons)

Character Data

"We carve the path of self destruction with our own two hands, but seldom without a smile on our face."


Completely unpredictable, overly dramatic, purely enigmatic, and highly dangerous, Void is a being whose intentions are often difficult to predict or even understand. A conduit to the powers of chaos, he has the ability to awaken the latent potential and untapped powers in others, elevating them beyond their normal limitations to help fulfill his mad quest. To set destiny ablaze, to free others from the shackles of fate, to allow free will to be the sole power to shape the future. Rumored to have ties to Makai, he has been known to be in service to the daughter of the devil. Dramatic to a fault, he often waits until the very last moment to utilize his powers to turn the tide of battle, taking malicious pleasure in unleashing deus ex machinas against the pattern of the universe.


Screw Destiny, Anti-Hero, Ex-Dynamic, Ex-Maverick, Ex-Weapon Of Mass Destruction, (Deus) Ex-Machina, Trope: Badass Teacher, Trope: Deadly Upgrades (To Others), Might Be A Paladin Of Chaos, Made A Better Deal Than Faust, Works For His Boss's Daughter, Grahf Incarnate, Doth Thou Desire The Power? My Fist Is The Divine Breath! Blossom Oh Fallen Seed And Draw Upon Thy Hidden Powers!, Professor Chaos, Would-Be Petey Wheatstraw


  • 2226-08-08: Cry Little Sister - Yuna learns what happened to her sister.
  • 2226-10-28: A Good Old Fashioned Witch Burning - Yomiel appeals to the old-school religious sensibilities of his people by burning Morrigan Aensland at the stake.
  • 2226-10-31: Battle of Makai, Part 1 - The forces of Earth fight to save Makai and themselves from Pyron.
  • 2230-03-18: I Sung of Chaos - Void asks Morrigan to reclaim a debt once owed..
  • 2230-03-26: Puzzle for the Azran Legacy - After a long series of battles, saving Aurora from herself comes down to one last puzzle.
  • 2230-04-09: Refusing The Flame - Aurora meets a former Maverick who shares a familiar story
  • 2230-04-16: A Family Meeting Over Poison - Brothers catch up in a dark and shady bar.
  • 2230-04-18: Pyroline Opening Night - Pyroline opens her new BINGO BOXING establishment. Reiz and Void think it's just a casino. Aurora fights a samurai. Ryan Knight gets hit on.
  • 2230-04-23: Westpoint Mint - Apex leads a raid on the Westpoint Mint with GENOCIDE. Versus and heroes show up. Hacking occurs, courtesy of Mouse.
  • 2230-05-11: Elven Convoy Menaces Dwarves - Luca and her new friend bother the Cameron City beer garden.
  • 2230-05-19: Raising The Stakes - Reiz, Pandora and Dr. Stevenson raid a concert at the Reploid Room for 4th Empire captives. Shang Lei and Void take exception to this.
  • 2230-06-08: To What End - The Fourth Empire's operations on Klondike are rapidly escalating. It's time to strike the most important military facility on the planet to find out what they're doing: The bar at the spaceport. This time, the allies get some unexpected good fortune to help them along.
  • 2230-11-15: Big Stick - Resistance and incursion in GENOCIDE-occupied Sri Lanka begins to come to a head!
  • 2230-12-05: Buck Creek Raid - Versus, angry at the US for kidnapping Dr. Orihime, takes the law into their own hands and starts a war.
  • 2231-01-13: Labyrinthia Arrival - Versus and company arrive in Labyrinthia to find Phoenix Wright and Prof. Layton. Everything immediately goes wrong.
  • 2231-01-16: Flame - There is a parade. And a murder.
  • 2231-01-18: A Fabulous New Year - Void shows Reiz it really is a wonderful life.

Cut Scenes