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Volt Catfish
Volt Catfish.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Volt Catfish
Code Name Volt Catfish
Race Reploid
Gender Female
Function Mobile Battery
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Electrical Engineering (Repairs)
Secondary Specialty Electrical Assault
Primary Triad Thunder
Type Electric
Secondary Electric Body
Type Electric
OOC Information
Game Megaman X3
Theme Song

Character Data

"A fish out of water can still be deadly."


Volt Catfish has led an interesting and pathetic life. Built to discharge and store vast amounts of electricity, yet also built to function best in water, she has become deathly afraid of being shorted out by the latter in any form to the point of severe neurosis, leaving her with a flighty, nervous personality that persists even under Ouroboros. Searching for answers to calm her mind, she has taken to Taoist mysticism and alchemical practices. Interpreting the concepts of qi and life energy as her own electricity, she is learning to master her element and finally conquer her fears, though time will tell if she succeeds or simply gets even worse through failure. She also is a practitioner of feng shui and yoga to try and calm herself when her numerous worries threaten to overwhelm her. While considered a joke by many, she is determined to make something of herself no matter the opposition.


Hydrophobia, Walking Battery, Fish Out Of Water, Low Self-Esteem, Stuttering, Flopping