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Volteel Biblio
Volteel Biblio.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Cyrus Boanerges
Code Name Volteel Biblio
Race E-Human
Gender Male
Creator/s Dr. Weil & Alexia Ashford
Death March 2221?
Faction Presumed Dead
Divisions Neo Arcadia
Function Judge
Technical Specifications
Primary V Shot
Type Electric
OOC Information
Game Megaman Zero 3
Theme Song Nightwish - Sleeping Sun

Character Data

"You're opposing Lord Weil? You're crazy!"


Cyrus Boanerges didn't think of himself as disabled. For generations, the Boanerges' had worked in the wine business in central France, making some of the world's most exclusive wines. Born blind, Cyrus' family didn't seek out cybernetic prosthetics for him since they felt it would help him in the family business to have a sharper sense of taste and smell. Cyrus developed a talent for tasting the slightest differences between various vintages, and was much in demand. Such a beautiful thing cannot endure in this world. During the reign of the Robot Masters in "überGermany", Cyrus and his family endured numerous humiliations leveled by the Masters and their subordinates. Finally, their winery was ruined during one of the many arbitrary turf battles between squads, destroying an institution that had prevailed for centuries. The survivors scattered to the winds. Cyrus had to fend for himself, and spent time in the resistance as an information officer because of his talent with computers. He eventually found his way to Dr. Weil's territory in an effort to locate new supplies. After being "volunteered" for the upgrade process, Cyrus found himself with a variety of new ways to see the world and a renewed sense of purpose. Cyrus' loyalty to Dr. Weil and his benefactor is driven by a perhaps misplaced belief that their world will be better than this one. Probably the Number with the greatest amount of surviving human empathy, Cyrus has informally adopted Paul and does his best to be a surrogate parent. This doesn't work very well, but when Cyrus' Volteel Biblio armor works alongside Paul's Childre Inarabbita armor, the results are spectacular.


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