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Wheel Gator
Wheel Gator.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Wheel Gator
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Faction Mavericks
Function Amphibious Warfare
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Aquatic Warfare
Secondary Specialty Ride Armor Pilot, Taking Hits
Primary Spin Wheel
Type Blade Energy
Buster Colors Green & White
OOC Information
Theme Song

Character Data

"Who? Me? Work? You got to be kidding me."


Once Wheel Gator was feared amongst his allies for his cruelty, temper, and willingness to look at other reploids and humans as chew toys. After the removal of the virus, Wheel, like many other mavericks, changed. Now, despite him being quick to anger and quicker still willing to pay back for any slight, the former Maverick has calmed considerably. Liking nothing more than to sunbathe in a patch of mud, Wheel rarely hurries anywhere any more despite being very fast and a dangerous combatant when he lets his anger get the best of him. Wheel spends the majority of his time finding ways to avoid work and only does something should if he has nothing better to do or if it is important to the cause. Still trying to fit into the Irregular way of life, the alligator is for once somewhat unsure of his place in the world. He has spent so much of his life being a warrior he's not sure how to change it. Still, he will try even if it means giving up his eating habits.


Laziness, Destructive Thoughts, Melee Combat, Crushing With Jaws, Loyal to the Cause but not the People, Swamp Breath, eating everything, strange body odor, HATE: Red Alert


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