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William Wiggin
William Wiggin.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name William Wiggin
Code Name Master Wiggin
Race Strider
Gender Male
Faction Independent
Function Aspiring Grandmaster
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Master Ninjaing
Secondary Specialty Biochemistry, Genetic Engineering
Primary Ice Cipher
Type Blade Ice
Buster Colors White & Blue
OOC Information
Game Megaman Mush
Voice Actor David Bowie
Theme Song

Character Data

"The key to victory is a well thought out strategy."


William Wiggin was one of the world's great strategic minds. Seeing the world as nothing more than an intricate game, William pursued his goals with single-minded, unyielding determination. William sought out greater challenges to defeat in the quest to become the most powerful man in the world -- economically, mentally and physically. He had risen through the ranks of the corporate world much as he had rose through the ranks of the Red Dragon Striders; slowly and steadily, making sure to adhere to his master plans along the way. However, after the final battle with Grandmaster Meio, William Wiggin began a new quest. As there was seemingly no Grandmaster of the Striders, he sought to train himself to become that new Grandmaster. William Wiggin would have tried to change the world, as Grandmaster Meio had. He insisted on sticking to a grander strategy despite changing field conditions reflected both his mental discipline and his arrogance. When things did not work as he had expected them to, William's anger was as pitiless, icy and unyielding as he was. A savage and inhuman combatant, William Wiggin was ultimately defeated by the sacrifice of Tetsuo Sakizaki. Tetsuo's heroism was not part of Wiggin's calculations, but it does not appear that Wiggin was entirely unprepared for his demise.


William Wiggin has had a storied life full of action and intrigue. Born into a wealthy aristocratic family in England, William had the best of everything. However, unlike many other idle nobles, the Wiggin family were known for being highly driven, disciplined people who seemed to always be away on business. In reality, his parents were both Striders, usually in the employ of MI6 to protect the Crown and its interests around the world. From as far back as he can remember, he was being rigorously trained to follow in their footsteps, as his family had been doing for generations.

William, like his contemporary Albert Wesker, was a brilliant child who soon found himself bored with even a rigorous private education. This gave him more time to train and engage in independent study. Of particular interest to Wiggin was the nature of his superhuman abilities, so he began his lifelong love affair with genetic engineering. He started studying his own family's geneology, and through that began to gain insight on the shadow world his family had occupied for so many generations. Even that could not fully keep his interest all the time, so he began to study the operations of the stock market in an effort to create more wealth to pursue his dreams.

William began doing Strider missions at a young age. His parents did this in an effort to quickly expose him to the realities of his life's work. His attention to detail and determination to be the best he could be saw him through many tough situations. Even though he made mistakes, William never failed to learn from them. He constantly sought out new knowledge to make himself a more effective Strider, and to rise in the ranks of the organization to earn the respect and obedience of others. During this early period in his life, he met his partner Matic, who was brash and headstrong to William's steady, systematic approach to life.

When William was a teenager, his father died during the course of a mission. William's sadness was subliminated into a frustration at his father's failure. He vowed not to be compromised by human weakness and redoubled his efforts. He began to earn his nickname of "Iceman" during this time period, which ultimately led to his eventual elemental affiliation. Ice was perfect, ice was cold, ice can kill you in so many different ways.

Later, William found himself sent off to UCSD to get a formal degree in his areas of interest; Biochemistry and Business. He encountered Albert Wesker there, and the two became close friends. Wesker is one of the only real friends that William Wiggin has, as the two have an eerily similar orientation toward the world and its events. Wesker and Wiggin had a variety of adventures over the next several years. These were the best days of his life.

After college, the two men went their separate ways. William became a full time Strider, though he tended to avoid field work in favor of being a medic. This allowed him more time to do his research, as well as to engage in rigorous self-improvement. From time to time he would go out on selected missions, usually at the behest of Matic or shadowy figures who sometimes employed Striders for specific, extremely delicate missions.

During the Strider civil war, William sided with Matic and became a Red Dragon. He was content to be Matic's second, keeping the affairs of the business together and continuing to train. William apparently had no opinion about Matic's relationship with Mai Atsuki, and while he knew about Linnea Blossom's deception, he did nothing with that knowledge aside from compelling her loyalty to the Red Dragons. Even today, his reasoning for that action is unknown.

William was content with his life. At some point during this period, he collected a young Chinese apprentice who he raised in seclusion at a hidden temple, experimenting on him intermittently to try to learn the secrets of the Strider genome. He could have carried on like this forever, but Sheena's betrayal nearly destroyed him. Sheena had both Matic and Kain killed, and used her leverage to compel the Yakzua to trap Wiggin in a humiliating business arrangement. Powerless to act, Wiggin was forced to the sidelines in shame while Sheena destroyed everything that Wiggin thought was good and pure about the Strider organization. With the creation of Hien, a golem with some of his own DNA, the anger of the Iceman could not be denied. He would have vengeance. All would pay.

William bided his time, patiently doing the work of the Yakuza and earning a degree of freedom from them. The Yakuza grew fat and stupid, and were themselves embroiled in a civil war. William waited for the correct time to strike, and when he moved he moved like the hand of death itself. He murdered his way through the weakened and disorganized Yakuza, destroyed his records of his involvement, and disappeared into the night to prepare for his resurgence. Sheena, believing him to be no threat, did not pursue him. This would be her downfall.

William got his affairs in order and joined up with Albert Wesker again, helping him to bring Umbrella back from obscurity. With the support of his corporate patron, William confronted Sheena, defeating her and Hien through some means that remain unknown even today. She captured her and sealed her away on what would come to be called Sheena Island, continually killing and resurrecting her as punishment for her defiance. With the old master of the so-called White Dragons defeated, Wiggin took over the organization and worked with Elpizo for almost a year. He used this period to consolidate his strength and see if any of the White Dragons were worthy. None were.

When Wiggin had become fed up with the nonsense in Neo Arcadia, he saw to it that any lingering threats were eliminated and left the doomed Pantheon in favor of his own interests. He made sure that Umbrella was on a sound footing before he resigned from his position and gave it to one of his trusted lieutenants, then focused his full attention on reunifying the Striders. This was a relatively simple task that required minimal effort on his part, as any remaining Striders simply wanted a place to go.

Grandmaster Meio resurfaced. Immediately, Wiggin yielded to his superior skill, allowing him to begin his diabolical plan. Sheena was executed by Meio in a show of strength, and shortly thereafter intrigues began. Meio apparently drugged Wiggin with a highly deadly poison and used the Striders to help defend his cloning plant against the attacks of the Hunters. As the true nature of Meio's plan began to be seen, Wiggin aligned himself loosely with the forces opposed to him, though he took no part in the fighting.

After Meio was defeated, Wiggin resigned from active service to the Striders to seek to become the new Grandmaster. Several people bravely declared vendetta on him afterward. None of them have ever been able, or willing, to collect on their vows, though Linnea Blossom has sworn revenge on him for her self-inflicted injuries.

Wiggin has since reconstructed the Red Dragon Striders in an organization called the Order of the Dragon, assisted by his apprentice Rufus. The exact goals and affiliation of his organization is unclear.

On November 4th, 2220 three assassins, Linnea Blossom, Belenus Molony and Tetsuo Sakizaki, infiltrated his Antarctic headquarters and engaged both he and Grisha in mortal combat. At the end of this engagement Wiggin exploded in a shower of gore and his headquarters imploded. He is presently very, very dead.


  • William Wiggin likes Disneyland. His favorite ride is the teacups.
  • Wiggin looks a lot like a Labyrinth-era David Bowie.
  • Wiggin has eerie red eyes as a result of a genetic fluke. He shares this trait with the late Grandmaster Meio.
  • Like his mentor, William Wiggin has no reservations about augmenting human potential with the power of science. He has somewhat different methods, however.