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Wire Sponge
Wire Sponge.jpg
Personal Information
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Creation Date ???
Serial Number ???
Email ???
Faction Mavericks
Function Weather Control
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty ???
Secondary Specialty ???
Weapons ???
Primary Strike Chain
Type Blade
Secondary Thunderstorm
Type Electric Water
OOC Information
Game Megaman X2
Theme Song

Character Data

"No, I'm not a plant! I'm a sponge, unobservant buffoon! You got a problem with that?!"


Squat and strange looking, Wire Sponge is a somewhat vain reploid, self-conscious about his appearance but unable to do much about it. A deranged, if occasionally brilliant, reploid, Wire Sponge share much in common with the stereotypical mad scientist, obssessed with success and often read to snap at someone if they even mildly annoy him. He's prone to dramatic mood swings, going from ecstatic to furious faster than some can even keep track of, especially when insulted. Loathes being called a plant, and despises bioroids because of the many times he's compared to them. Wields a powerful lashing weapon known as the Strike Chain, and is good enough with it to use as both a grappling hook and weapon, preferring it in battle over all other devices. His unsual, soft-armored body holds a power weather generator, and Wire is able to sporadically control the weather around him, a state that changes as often as his moods.


Weather Control, Self-Consciousness, Rubberized Skin, Short Temper, Prehensile Tendrils, Cartoon Cliché Moods, Not A Plant




Cut Scenes