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Wood Man
Wood Man.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Wood Man Wily
Code Name Benjamin S. Lockleeds
Race Android
Gender Male
Serial Number DWN 016
Faction Robot Masters
Function Forest Defense
Assignment Pass Out Leaves, Vines
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Defensive Manuevers
Secondary Specialty Anything Wood Related
Primary Leaf Shield
Type Blade Force
Secondary Logger Roll
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Megaman 2
Theme Song

Character Data

"Well, I'm stumped."


Wood Man is not the smartest of Masters, and is often frustrated at things beyond his limited understanding, perceiving them as a threat to himself or Wily. Fortunately this also extends to those that will not submit to Master rule, meaning he will gleefully smash anyone that opposes 'the family.' Though he outwardly acts as boisterous as his Beta brothers, inwardly he is quite insecure about himself and his abilities. His only outlet for his depression is his own warped version of nature, filled with little mechanimals frolicking among the cyber trees. Wood also has an unexplained fondness for bluegrass music and Civil War memorabilia. As the master of all things wooden, Wood Man's trademark weapons are small, razor sharp metal leaves with their own little propulsion systems. Aided by a magnetic field, Wood Man can form them into his powerful Leaf Shield, or throw them in a ball and summon them from above. Wood Man's self-esteem issues and limited knowledge can often lead to very destructive behavior, which sadly is his only familiar response to the unknown.


Gardening, Tea Parties, Forestry, Plant Affinity, Stubbornness, Cooking, Banjo Playing




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