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Yagi Kenta
Yagi Kenta.jpg
Personal Information
Race Melded
Gender Male
Creator/s His Parents
Faction Unified Army
Function Wandering Hero
Technical Specifications
Primary Introduction To The Iron Goat
Type Physical
Secondary Magnificent Leaping
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Megaman Star Force 2
Theme Song

Character Data

"Every day is a lucky day for an industrious man."


Yagi Kenta is a young man on a journey. The youngest child of a large family of farmers in rural China, Yagi was born into no special gifts save a single-minded determination to overcome any obstacle in his path. He was nicknamed 'little goat' for his stubbornness and tenacity. His immediate family died in the chaos of Ragnarok, leaving him without a home or a future. Like other Chinese orphans, Yagi ended up in the care of a Shaolin monastery. The study of the Eightfold Path helped Yagi to find peace in spite of the great tragedy. When the FMians attacked the Earth, Yagi was possessed by Goat-Foo, an irascible alien who wanted to destroy the temple. After a tremendous struggle, Yagi subdued Goat-Foo, but feared staying among people for fear of harming them. Yagi began to walk the Earth to learn how to control his new "demon," channeling his destructive energies into fighting for the people as a wandering hero. Believing himself strong enough now to return to society, Yagi seeks to push his abilities to the limit as a champion of China. Yagi is a devout Buddhist who avoids doing unnecessary harm, but also seeks to challenge himself against the strongest fighters. People often think of Yagi as a country bumpkin whose only interests are martial arts and Buddhist studies, but he is also a student of the natural world.


Martial Arts (Kung Fu), Buddhist Studies, Agriculture, Horticulture, Astrology (peasant), Entirely Without Guile, Disarmingly Honest, Not A Mean Bone In His Body, But Every Scrap Of Him A Goat, Chinese Patriot, Rival (?): Claude Pincer, Agent of Black SHEEP



Kung Fu Goat


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