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Personal Information
Race Strider
Gender Male
Faction Grave
Function Mystic Cook
Assignment Maha Ichiban
Technical Specifications
Primary Wedge Cipher
Type Physical
Secondary Thrown Curry
Type Corrosive
OOC Information
Game Megaman Battle Network
Theme Song

Character Data

"Be at peace with yourself, and success will follow."


Yahoot Mahajorama has been a scholar of the Strider arts for almost his entire life. Yahoot was raised within an isolated Indian temple for much of his youth, being trained in the unique arts of his home. When he completed his training and scholarship, Yahoot was sent out into the world to find his destiny. He traveled widely, learning about the different cultures and peoples of the world, and found himself gravitating to the culinary arts because of his unnaturally keen senses of smell and taste. As he had trained in the martial arts, Yahoot trained to be a master chef, specializing in Indian fusion cuisine. His wanderlust took him though the kitchens of some of the greatest chefs of the era, but Yahoot never settled down in one place. He kept wandering, allowing his culinary journey to coincide with his continued research into Strider lore. Eventually Yahoot's path crossed with Mai Atsuki's, and he has followed her ever since. Yahoot is a quiet and contemplative person, tending to speak little so to say more. Yahoot has a supreme mastery of his own body, capable of elongating and dislocating his limbs to an unsettling degree. Yahoot also makes an amazing curry, and favors a great amount of hot spices in his cooking.


Ancient Languages (many), Languages (many), Strider Lore, Yoga, Culinary Arts (Grandmaster), Medicine (Traditional), Martial Arts (Yoga), Yogi, No Relation To A Bear, Indeterminate Relation To Dhalsim





  • 2224-09-11: The F Word - Bailey's family continues to pull on his heart.
  • 2225-07-26: A Sword Goes On Forever - After being acknowledged as a full Strider, Bailey considers the future.