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Yamato Man
Yamato Man.png
Personal Information
Real Name Yamato Man Wily
Code Name Yamato Man
Race Android
Gender male
Serial Number DWN - 048
Faction Robot Masters
Function Defensive Manuvers
Technical Specifications
Primary Yamato Spear
Type Blade
Secondary Spear Spin
Type Physical
Buster Colors Purple & Gold
OOC Information
Game Megaman 6
Voice Actor Sonny Chiba
Theme Song "Duel Without Honor or Humanity" - Tomoyasu Hotei

Character Data

"I have no blade; I make My Mind my Blade."


Yamato Man lives by the Bushido code, a true samurai in an often dishonorable war. His loyalty to Dr. Wily is unsurpassed -- he venerates him as father, emperor and God. In contrast to Knight Man -- for that matter, the majority of his brothers -- he is trustworthy and honest, with no interest in riches and material things. Yamato's sole desire is to be the best warrior he can be, so to better serve his Father's will. He yearns for great battles against fierce opponents, and fights one-on-one unless ordered otherwise. He prefers his opponents to be robotic -- he feels humans cannot dream of achieving the level of skill he possesses, though this has been challenged as cyborgs have advanced further. He is a dedicated martial artist who specializes in the melee weapons of ancient Japan, but also takes an interest in attempting to master some of the non-martial arts.


Knowlege: Bushido Code, Knowledge: Feudal Japan, Naginata wielding, Knowledge: Japanese Weaponry




  • 2228-03-01: ULTRONQUEST: To Collar a Titan - Slur and the Robot Masters sneak into Asgard during a pitched battle in order to forge an Uru body for Ultron. Someone says nay.

Cut Scenes