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Personal Information
Race Ghost
Gender Male
Faction Unified Army
Function The Manipulator
Technical Specifications
Primary Your Own Plans Against You
Type Physical
Secondary Holdout Pistol
Type Physical
Buster Colors Red & Yellow
OOC Information
Game Ghost Trick
Theme Song

Character Data

"What's it like to feel pain? Does it make you feel ALIVE?"


Uriel Broussard was a data analyst for Black SHIELD. He assisted the shadow government in organizing numerous secrets. Ultimately considered expendable, he was also used as an experimental subject for alien technology. An artifact attached to his heart had no apparent effect, however, and further experimentations along this line were abandoned. During the purge Uriel was captured along with other conspirators, but attempted to escape the police station during his interrogation. After a police standoff, he was shot and killed. This event turned out to be the necessary trigger to unlock the potential of his irradiated heart. His mind and body separated, and Uriel became a ghost that could move inanimate objects, possess machines, and even control other humans to some degree. Joined with Ouroboros to get revenge on those who wronged him years ago, he uses his possession abilities to enhance his already-formidable computer skills. He can also repossess his own corpse, which regenerates damage over time. Though he can be momentarily disabled, he feels no pain. His immortality has made him bitter, envious of both the dead and the living. He uses his hacker alias of Yomiel to distance himself from his living past. He still has a Black SHIELD mindset, however, favoring complex plans that often prove his downfall.


Network Architecture, Cyber-Security, Social Engineering, Trolling, Lore: Christian Theology, Lore: Occult, Reopening Old Wounds, Then Watching Them Close Again, Amatuer Drunken-Style Kung Fu, Making Ride Armors Drive Themselves, Not Much of a Dog Person