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Personal Information
Real Name Yuna Mwozoki
Race Cyborg
Gender Female
Birth Date Jan 29, 2198
Faction Versus
Function Wandering Healer
Technical Specifications
Primary Earth Mother's Staff
Type Physical
Secondary Great Gospel
Type Energy
OOC Information
Game Megaman Legends 2
Voice Actor Laura Bertram
Theme Song

Character Data

"Stop being so stubborn and let me fix that! You are THE WORST patient."


A determined and stubborn healer and helper, convinced she can save everyone if she just tries hard enough and gets enough people on board with her plans, Yuna's always been focused on making things better, has always fought to do so. Such lofty goals and admirable dedication to her cause didn't protect her from her sister, Sera, the former Triad boss corrupted by a Martian artifact. An attack meant to turn her into Sera's slave left Yuna with Martian crystal circuitry embedded in her body, turning the holistic herbalist medicine woman into something new. Saved by the dedicated work of Cinnamon and Circumference of Sodium, Yuna has slowly been learning to use her new cybernetics to aid her in the work she loves so dearly: healing. Working first with the Peace Corps and Star Force, and now with Light Labs, Yuna uses the attack and her resulting transformation to heal and protect: she thinks of them, when she does at all, as the last gift her lost sister could give her. Optimistic and cheerful even now, Yuna believes that everyone has, deep down, a potential for good, no matter who or what they are-- unless they're Mother Units that excised her sister's soul and now wear her body and memories like a coat. Because that's unforgivable and horrible. Also gross.


Zettai Ryouiki, Polyglot, Child of Mars, Believes In The Essential Goodness Of Everyone, Gives Until It Hurts, My Sister's Soul Is Dead, Healing Touch (Warning: Actually Martian Cybnernetics), Buck-and-a-Quarter Quarterstaff, Her Tats Are Totally Metal




  • 2226-08-08: Cry Little Sister - Yuna learns what happened to her sister.
  • 2228-01-12: Everyone Here Is Cute - Yuna wanders into Cerisier's lab, with dire consequences. Then they go get lunch.
  • 2228-03-16: The Great Allied Pub Crawl - For St. Patrick's Day, the Allied forces undergo a perilous journey across twelve bars, taking them on a journey around the world... and to Mars!
  • 2228-04-07: Searching For Utopia - While on a picnic, Cerisier questions Iris about her Maverick past. A radio conversation becomes particularly apropos.