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Zach Glen
Personal Information
Race Cyborg
Gender Male
Faction Independent
Function Freelance Techie/Information Broker
Technical Specifications
Primary Flow Blade
Type Blade Water
Buster Colors Sooner Red & White
OOC Information
Game Megaman Mush
Theme Song

Character Data

"Just shut up and listen. You might learn something useful."


Zach Glen grew up in a broken home, having to fight his way through the world at every turn. His technical ability and creativity landed him a position in Interpol, then later SciTech. He grew disaffected with SciTech after the death of the last of his family in San Angeles, taking his inheritance and going off the grid. For a while, Zach Glen worked for the Striders as a sort of on-call technical support operative. He sought training, but could not advance to the level of his peers because of the limitations of his own body. During his time with the Striders, he devised a weapon system for himself known as the Flow Blades, weapons which used moisture in the air to create a keen edge or a hard, blunt surface. His tech-friendly approach to Strider work alienated him from some Striders who were more accustomed to relying on raw ability rather than technology. Driven by a desire to repent for a mistake he made long ago, Zach Glen strove to be a good man in a bad world. He had his chance to prove himself to those who had doubted him when briefly given the power to Cross Fuse while visiting another universe, and was instrumental in saving that world and ours from the invasion of a mad version of Dr. Regal. However, not moments after the end of the battle, he was assassinated and his technology stolen. In the end, he proved himself to have had the heart of a hero, and in death may have achieved the respect he never felt he received in life.


  • 2219-10-02: Impress Me - Nana meets Nicole for the first time, and what follows after.
  • 2220-01-05: Deeper Still - Gospel hacks the UN.
  • 2220-01-28: The Fatal Four-Way - The N1 Grand Prix erupts into a grand melee, featuring Hyperconstruct Neo.
  • 2220-04-15: Sic Semper Tyrannis - Gospel liberates a critically important tool from the American intelligence community.

Cut Scenes