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Personal Information
Race Android
Gender Male
Function Crazy 88
Technical Specifications
Primary Zayin Splitter
Type Blade
Secondary Aggressive Block
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Megaman Xtreme
Theme Song

Character Data

"You are already dead."


Zayin is a powerful Android warrior originally created to serve the Yakuza as one of the chiefs of their 'Shadow Hunters' a group of loyal bodyguards and assassins to programmed to be completely subservient and loyal to the crime bosses. Filling the role of a Samurai, Zayin is an impressive swordsman able to wield the extremely large Zayin Zweihander with great skill. When Ouroboros absorbed the Triads into their power structure, Zayin appeared in the Professors laboratory where he recevied extensive system optimization and reprogramming reforming him into a productive servant of Ouroboros. Now gifted with a personality, Zayin is an honorable warrior who holds to rigid code of Bushido and he is dedicated to Serpent and seeks forever to serve and honour him. Seeking to better himself through meditation and pondering the ancient texts of battle and philosophy, Zayin is a devotee to the Grandmasters teachings of better people ruling the world and lives up to that ideal. Outside of battle Zayin is soft spoken and gentlemanly conducting himself as befits a loyal retainer of his Lord. In battle Zayin is an engine of brutality and destruction who will stop at nothing to further the goals of Ouroboros.


Giant Fricking Sword, Crazy Golden Samurai, I'm Not Boring Anymore, I Know Top Spin, I Have More Than Two Attacks, My Name Is Zayin, And There's Nothing My Giant Sword Can't Cleave, I Really Am Still The Bestest Swordsman Ever, Really, In The History of Ever, I Used To Be A Shadow Hunter, Now I Just Hunt The Ninjas In The Shadows, Does A Boring Character Have To Choke A Bitch, I'm Not Auron