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Personal Information
Race Strider
Gender Male
Faction QUILL
Function Strike Team
Technical Specifications
Primary Iddqd
Type Explosive
Secondary Power Overwhelming
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Azure Striker Gunvolt
Theme Song

Character Data

"If you have cheat codes, why not use them?"


Zeno has always known that he pulled a few of life's high cards. Born in Italy with an S-gene, Zeno's rough upbringing in war-torn Europe was made easier by his physical prowess. A short post-war career as a Digger ended when he met Asimov and became a QUILL stalwart. Zeno's experiences haven't stopped him from having an unerringly cheerful disposition. His penchant for joking around and pulling pranks occasionally has a cruel edge, but those who get to know him find that he's ultimately a compassionate person. Zeno's lighthearted attitude and tendency to blow his paychecks on expensive otaku trash bely the fact that he is a ruthlessly effective combatant, equally capable at scouting ahead or holding the front line.


Weapon Mastery (Cool Guns), Spiritual Liege (Leeroy Jenkins), If You Can Wield a Pistol Why Not Dual Wield Pistols?, If You Can Dual Wield Pistols Why Not Dual Wield Rifles?, If You Can--ZENO PLEASE STOP,




Cut Scenes