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Honda Civic
Honda Civic
Personal Information
Real Name Zero Omega
Code Name Zero
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Creator/s Dr. Light/Dr. Wily
Birth Date September 1, 2210
Serial Number
Faction Versus
Divisions Verethragna
Function His Love Is Like A Truck
Assignment Be Pretty
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Kicking Ass
Secondary Specialty Chewing Gum
Weapons Beam Saber, Any Melee Weapon, Lead Pipe, His Bare Hands
Primary Z-Saber
Type Blade
Secondary Twin Dream
Type Blade
Buster Colors Red and Gold
OOC Information
Game Megaman X
Voice Actor Lucas Gilbertson
Theme Song [[theme::Megaman X: Command Mission OST, T02: Standby Zero, Theme of Zero]]

Character Data

"If an enemy appears in front of me, I will destroy it!"


Zero is trying to become more than a killing machine. His early life saw him traded between factions of the Robot Wars like a beach ball during a concert. Years of therapy and brain surgery has managed to leave Zero only slightly askew rather than completely bent, but his reputation as a berserker has survived most of his greatest enemies. A passionate, mercurial mech, Zero tends to get into trouble when left to his own devices. While he can usually fight his way out, Zero has come to learn that his rash actions often have terrible consequences for others. His efforts to turn his life around led him to throw in his lot with Greymalkin Arsenal. Kraft acts as a stabilizing influence on Zero, giving him deserving targets to fight and the structure he desperately needed. The ghosts of his past still follow him, but Zero is increasingly oriented toward the possibilities of the future.


Swordplay, Athletics (Battle and Chase), Cosmetology (Reploid), Has Swag Especially In A Thong, Appalling Judge Of Character, Deflecting Inappropriate Things, Fighting Impossible Enemies, Has A Retirement Plan Now But Will Never Retire, Looking Right At You Rock, Comfortable With Ambiguity, Has His Own Tab On Busterblog And Multiple Internet Memes, Has Forgotten More About The Robot Wars Than You'll Ever Know


Zero was constructed from plans stolen by Dr. Wily just prior to the Robot Wars of 2200. In the ten years between the theft and his first appearance in Hong Kong, Albert worked tirelessly to craft him into the perfect field commander for his forces, but despite the Doctor's efforts, Mega Man still managed to defeat him during his first outing. Making matters worse, Vile and his Mavericks chose the moments after Zero's defeat to descend upon Hong Kong, and wound up taking the newly awakened reploid as their prize.

Dr. Doppler's attempts at turning Zero to his cause had unexpected consequences, though: minor variations between his neural net and the more familiar designs of Doppler's reploids, or even Rock, Roll, and the Robot Masters led to the catastrophic failure of his personality programs and higher-order processing functions when the Maverick Virus was introduced to his system. Left with little more than his combat programming, he immediately lashed out at his captors; while they managed to subdue him before he could trash the base he was being held in, the damage was done. For the next five months, the Mavericks deployed him onto battlefields like a bomb, allowing him to indiscriminately destroy what or whomever happened to be in his way until it came time to recapture him for next time.

He made up for his rather unflattering first showing and then some by terrorizing Repliforce, Maverick Hunters, and Robot Masters alike during his rampages--right up until Mega Man finally brough him down in single combat again, and without any 11th hour ambushes to keep him from bringing the damaged reploid back to Dr. Light.

Between the disastrous Maverick infection and Wily's original programming, Zero's neural net was in a dire state; Thomas was determined to do right by his long lost son, though. By summer, the Doctor had managed to restore him to the point that he was able to join the Maverick Hunters in their invasion of the Robot Masters' Berlin base and continue deploying with them afterwards. In the months between being pulled out of the mindless red haze and joining the Hunters, he'd had time to reflect on himself and his fragmented memories of carnage; he knew all too well that violence was coded into the very structure of his being, so rather than deny himself, he resolved to atone for his sins by waging war on those who'd stolen and used him--and anyone /like/ them.

He made for an effective Hunter, but instilling him with reason, feelings, and a purpose wasn't quite enough to purge him of his destructive tendencies; he was utterly without mercy or remorse for the Hunters' increasingly diverse roster of threats. Lingering damage to his neural net meant that there were moments in the heat of battle when his uncompromising form of peacekeeping rolled over into outright savagery, and while he always managed to avoid putting teammates and civilians at risk(if only barely, at times), the loss of control was always devastating.

Not devastating enough to keep him out of the field for too long, though; there were stints of downtime for further repairs and even counseling, but there were too many space robots, zombies, ninjas, plagues, and WMD detonations threatening the world for Zero to keep himself away from the action. As a result, repairing all of the damage to his neural net was the work of many years, which unfortunately meant that there were rare stints during that time when stray bits of remaining Wily-code were exploited to force him into working for the Robot Masters; dealing with the feelings of guilt and helplessness from those trips to the other side meant even more therapy each time he was pulled free.

By Ragnarok, though, his mind was finally, fully restored, allowing him to join the Hunters in pushing back the array of disasters threatening the world. He remained the poster child for the Hunters' aggressive, no-nonsense style of intervention in the years that followed, and while his past still hung darkly over him, knowing that he'd no longer have to fear being used brought change to other aspects of his being. He began to open up more with his fellow Hunters, and to rethink his role as a global vigilante; while the violence that defined his life had taken a definite toll on him, he still couldn't imagine an existence where he simply /watched/ as others confronted the darkness that seemed to perpetually plague the world. When the Hunters disbanded in 2224 and left he and a number of other long-term members without a purpose, he saw an opportunity to try fighting on his own terms for the first time in his life.

Along with a number of former Hunters, and supported by a network of vendors and informants of varying degrees of repute, he formed the 0th Unit to fight on behalf of those who needed them, without the red tape and murky intentions of traditional military/law enforcement organizations. Without the resources of Light Labs, the Unit was a mercenary outfit--albeit one that was willing to work for very little, given a great enough need.

Ultimately, Zero proved to be a much better combat robot than business manager; after years of bouncing between paying contracts and altruistic favors, the Unit was in financial shambles, which eventually led to him taking what seemed to be a relatively innocuous job from the Nephilim organization just to keep the lights on.

Unfortunately, the mission was something of a disaster: when the smoke cleared, people were dead, and samples of the deadly Progenitor Virus ended up in the hands of not only Nephilim, but Ouroboros. The Unit didn't - /couldn't/ - survive much longer after that; its assets were eventually sold off to pay down its debts and its operatives went on their ways. The head of Greymalkin Arsenal - primary buyer of former Unit assets and one of several destinations for its former operatives - offered Zero the opportunity to continue fighting his kind of targets without the hassles of handling the books; he readily accepted. In time, Kraft even smoothed things over with the target of the Unit's last contract.

While a part of him misses the freedom of calling all of his own shots, Greymalkin still provides some much-needed structure to his life by providing him with all the deserving targets he could ask for with none of the complications of being beholden to government or UN interests. While he doesn't quite relish in tearing evil-doers apart the way he once did, he's still not shy about letting his saber loose from its sheath when the situation calls for it. Years of Rock's positive influence during his stint with the Hunters, along with therapy and his own meditations have taught him that violence isn't always the best answer, even if it remains the most familiar one.


  • Zero's hair never seems to get burned, damaged, or have any split ends.
  • Zero's strength is massive, one of the strongest Reploids on the planet. Second to possibly only Guts Man.
  • Zero and Colonel have a friendly rivalry.
  • Zero respects Dr. Cossack, putting his trust in him second to only Rock's.
  • Zero does not fear corn, popped, kettle, or otherwise.